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  • Aug 14 '12

    I became a Certified Medical Assistant in the 90s. I took whatever job I could get in a hospital which happened to be Medical Transcriptionist.I did not want to do this at all, but it got my foot in the door. I did that for a year and I met doctors and gained a good recommendation and a Pediatrician gave me a chance. I have never had any trouble getting a job in a doctors office since. Take whatever you can get, even if you don't think you would like it and meet some doctors and nurses and work your butt off! Where I live a lot of the doctors offices are hiring CNA's instead of LPNs and CMAs, so it is making it hard here to even in offices. Sometimes you have to take crappy jobs and pay to work your way up, don't be to proud to do it, a little humility is good for all of us.

  • Aug 14 '12

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    WOW!! I am so sorry about your situation..I too am in California, and have just started my LVN program, entering into the 7th week today...I have never heard of this law requiring that LVN's have 1 year of experience prior to hiring? I googled it and cannot seem to find it...have you seen this law in writing or referred to a California State website that states this law? I'd really like to know this for myself...Are you CA State licensed as a Phlebotomist? Certified in IV Therapy? Any other licenses or certifications besides your LVN license? I licensed as a Phlebotomist a year ago, because, even though I knew that subject is covered in a LVN program, several schools around my area, including my own, informed me ahead of time that an additional license would look very good on my resume upon completion. About a third of my Phlebotomy class were either licensed LVN's or in a LVN program.

    I am certainly not doubting you were told about this law, however, I am curious about the validity of the MAY be illegal to make this statement. It sounds a lot like what I was told when I was looking for Phlebotomy positions...and like you said "How is it possible to obtain experience if these places are not willing to give a new LVN grad. the opportunity?"

    Please keep us posted...I wish you the very best and don't give up!!