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    Congrats!! And good luck with the job hunt!

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    I can say only that the Texas BON's website shows that the HCC ADN program is being downrated from "Full Approval" to "Full Approval With Warning" due to low NCLEX pass rates. This change appears in the Board Meeting Agenda for the January 22-23, 2015 meeting. I have heard complaints from friends of mine who attended the program that it's disorganized and too crowded.

    To be fair, the Kingwood and North Harris ADN programs are also being downrated for the same reason. Some people are of the opinion that the low pass rates are due to testing changes from two years ago, but others point out that the majority of programs managed to weather the changes.

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    Love the "Mindset Stuff" -- so true, and so often overlooked.

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    Your best source for information would be the website for The American Association of Medical Assistants. It covers all of the questions you had, plus more. Best of luck on your test.

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    Best of luck to you, Parakeet!

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    Quote from Parakeet
    OK, I get it. Does anyone know what a good passing score is for the NLN test? I got a 156 in the 99 percentile, but competition is pretty high. I don't find out till March whether I got in or not. Can an LPN challenge the CMA test? I was just wondering if I knew enough after the diploma course to take both tests. Sometimes you have more job opportunities if you have more credentials. I am already partially familiar with office work. I could always take a couple classes for coding and be done. I would not actually go through the whole program. I was just wondering if I could take the test with what I know.
    Nope, you cannot challenge the CMA test. CMA requires graduation from an approved program and completion of an externship before you can sit for the certification test. RMA, on the other hand -- a registered MA -- is through a different qualifying and testing system. It used to be you could sit for the RMA exam without completing a formal program after working a certain number of years as a MA. I don't know if that currently remains true.

    ETA: The LVNs in my area make DOUBLE the hourly rate of CMAs. Just saying.

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    Hugs and prayers, Esme! We miss you and wish you well. God Speed.

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    Quote from nlitened
    Bet it feels good to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, huh?
    Yes, CONGRATS!!!

    So glad to hear there's a light! Now all I gotta do is find the darn tunnel. . .

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    You can find the same type of questions in readily-available study guides and free on-line sources. I'm leery of pay-for-use sites that have "fabulous" sample questions, then want you to pay for more. I did this for one site a while ago and not only were the non-sample tests horrible, the site disappeared a few months later along with my money.

    I like to stick with tried-and-true sources when my future's riding on it.

    What program did you graduate from? Most programs offer free remedial help for HESI Exit retakes. Check with your school.

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    I read OP as meaning "the nitty gritty heavy duty stuff," which Med/Surg truly is. I'm betting she can already pour a mean cuppa joe!

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    Our pharm class had a clique that always sat in the back. They swore up and down they were not disruptive, but they were constantly glancing at each other, smiling or gesturing, texting back and forth, putting on makeup or combing their hair, writing each other notes and exchanging them, snorting, giggling, or trying not to laugh. And they all wore these clunky bracelets that were constantly rattling and banging on the desk tables. They were VERY disruptive. More importantly, their behavior was disrespectful -- to the rest of the class and the instructors. They thought they were a "clique," but truthfully, they were an isolated, unwanted group because their behavior ticked everyone off. Our instructor went out of her way to make sure the group was separated during exams, while the rest of us were free to sit where we wanted. You'd think they would have picked up on this "little hint," but they never did.

    Please understand -- I'm not saying that you or your group are doing this!! I don't even know you. But my point is -- a group of students can be disruptive without ever saying a word.

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    Congrats on the BSN! And reaching the Big 5-0! And meeting both milestones at the same time!

    Your forum name suggests there won't be a master's degree in the works?

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    Quote from TheCommuter

    Anamarc College had enrolled more than 500 students at the time it abruptly closed, yet only 67 persons sat for boards last year?
    The College offers many programs other than LVN. There may be 500 students total attending the college, but that doesn't tell us how many were enrolled in the LVN program, or indicate how many were final-semester LVN students.

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    Food for Thought: The Anamarc College LVN program (El Paso, Texas) is approved by the Texas BON. The college's NCLEX pass rates from 2009 through 2013 were in a very respectable range of 90.91 to 97%. The 97% pass rate was for 2013, with 65/67 students passing. The program passed its most recent BON survey (inspection) visit in October 2013, and no problems were noted and no remedial work was required. In 2012 the program director announced plans to revise the course structure to facilitate credit transfers. Students who were interviewed by the BON during the October 2013 visit stated they were satisfied with the program, and said they appreciated the high NCLEX pass rates, low student-to-teacher ratios, and the lack of waitlists. All of this info is available on the Texas BON website. Before today, I'd never heard of the Anamarc program, but the program looks squeaky clean if you research it on the BON website.

    Other than possibly distasteful advertising, what red flags were there for potential students to "research"? Some students have no choice but to pay private program tuition because they either can't get in to a cheaper/more competitive program, or they are wanting to get started ASAP. The program looked fine on paper and the BON had no issues with it; it was not on the BON List of Problem Programs.

    Yes, something went wrong financially, and we don't yet know the details. But I think it's premature and unfair to lump the school in with the Corinthian debacle or to point accusatory fingers at the program's students "because they should have known better."

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    Age as a number may not matter one whit, but your physical fitness and ability to get through the demands of NS do matter. You've got to be able to make beds (thousands of 'em! I counted! ), transfer patients and help them with showering, toileting, and dressing. Once you're out in the Real World, stamina and endurance demands will be ten-fold, especially for LTC and rehab venues. If you're ambulating an obese patient and she starts falling, guess who's responsible for catching her. The physical demands on your ancient (heh) 40-year old body will be non-stop and unforgiving. You either get used to it or you find less-physically demanding work.

    You can out-think 18 year-olds, but just try out-running 'em!

    (Yes. I am an Ancient, and proud of it. Just don't talk to my poor back -- it will tell you a different story!)