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  • Aug 12

    Aww, Messy Momma -- how sweet!! Buy that Boy of yours some extra treats tonight from all of us!

  • May 13

    Hargrove86: I won't profess to know what you're going through, but, wow, your post fits my situation eight years ago to a T! Second degree, best BSN nursing school in the state, 4.0 GPA my first semester of nursing school, total emotional support from everyone, great relationship with teachers and administrators, tutored my classmates -- then BAM! Second semester came around with clinicals and I just could not do it. It was like I was playing the role of a nursing student, doing and saying all the right things, but feeling completely empty inside. I felt panic and dread, and wanted off the stage. It was a terrible feeling, but I realized that being a nurse was just not going to be a good fit. I dropped out, and felt such bone deep relief walking out the door for the last time that I laughed and cried all the way home. I held -- and hold -- the utmost love and respect for nursing as a profession and everyone in it, but I realized it just wasn't for me. That you CAN do something doesn't necessarily mean that should SHOULD. It was an expensive, eye-opening lesson.

    Be true to yourself. Always. This intense anxiety and dread you are feeling may very well be your way of telling yourself that something is wrong, that you're on the wrong path. Listen to it. You will find another path, one that will fill you with hope, not dread. There is no shame in realizing that what you're doing is not a good fit for you. The bigger tragedy would be to continue forcing yourself to complete something that is not what you want to be doing.

  • Feb 10

    Impossible to tell, given the "school" website's reluctance to mention the program curriculum in its abundant haste to tell you about "Special Pricing For This Week Only!!" (Which, of course, will be their Special Low Low Price (!!) this week and until the end of times. . .)

    Apparently it's a well-known diploma-mill:

    Skeptical Scalpel: School or Scam? St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

    An administrative medical assistant program could be taken on-line, as there is no clinical skills or lab component. But to become a board certified medical assistant here in the US of A, you'll need a program with real-life clinical and lab components as well as an externship. Don't sell yourself short by falling for this "cheap and easy" crock.

  • Feb 4

    Quote from EmilyA
    All of you are so inspirational. I am starting school in August for Practical Nursing, my boyfriend says there is absolutely no way that I can go to school full time, take care of him and my 5 year old and work a full time job. I am 29 years old and I work as an insurance agent. I don't like the industry because there isn't much security and I have to wait too long on the money I earn. I know that being a nurse is what I want to do. I read that in order to reach your goals you need support from your family, boss etc. I don't have much support but I know that if I make it through this, I will have done "the impossible".
    Boyfriend's concerned you won't have time to "take care of him"???? And just what has he offered to do to help you?? Sorry, his "poor little me" attitude hit me totally wrong. . . it's really none of my business . . . but please don't underestimate your need for supportive people behind you who will jump in to help out.

    Best wishes with your program!

  • Jan 19

    The BON public website meeting agenda outline for the upcoming BON quarterly meeting next week shows that the HCC-ADN program approval status will be dropped to "Conditional" (no new students allowed), but it doesn't show that the HCC-LVN program lost accreditation. Is there a rumor going around that the LVN program is shutting down or something?