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  • Aug 11 '12

    Not a nurse yet, but seriously that this is a discussion is humorous. I've had three kids. I have no idea what kind of bath they had in the hospital and I can tell you that it didn't matter either way to their well being, as all three have the same immune responses and health statuses. Their personalities are different, so maybe there was something there...

    The first was C-section and the other two were VBAC. In some circles, the VBAC makes me evil. In others, I'm a hero. And believe me, I had these opinions stated directly to my face.

    The first had a regular bath every single night once home and the cord fell off. The third got a bath at some point in her first year of living. What can I say? I had three in four years. What I can tell you is that none of them had any different cleanliness level due to a special bath. They were all clean. Perhaps the third was cleaned more from wiping off than some formal bath for quite a while, but whatever.

    So it's not "out there", but really I think people worry too much about what's not important. Healthy baby, check. Healthy mom, check. Keeping everyone around you and caring for your baby and other babies healthy, check. There has to be a middle ground somewhere, right?

  • Aug 11 '12

    isn't it great that we have a choice to wash or not! does it bother you if mom doesn't want to wash her baby? we have a large native american population here and some of the moms believe that if they put the meconium on their face it can take away their melasma.

    i don't believe it does but if that's what they want to do and they aren't hurting anyone, then who cares?

    most of our moms here keep their placentas too. some plant trees and some eat it. again, totally their choice.

    i'm glad i'm living in a state that has very open-minded, non-judgemental people. our hospitals do water births here too. it's great.

  • Aug 11 '12

    I'm not OB/GYN was just surfing. Why in heaven's name would anyone refuse their baby a bath???? What's the rationale? The bigger question is why would the hospital comply?
    Strike the last question. Customer service.