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About kat1822, CNA

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Joined Aug 9, '12 - from 'Shawnee, OK, USA'. kat1822 is a BSN student. Posts: 6 (0% Liked)

B.A. Anthropology - University of Oklahoma ('15)
B.S. Nursing - St. Gregory's University ('17)

I'm a Catholic convert, married to an English theologian/philosopher, with one beautiful daughter and another sprite on the way!
I love babies. I think I would like to work as an OB nurse one day, but at this point in my schooling I am very open to different things!

I love animals, especially horses and cats. I like playing soccer (or at least I used to, before I got so busy and pregnant!).
I love forensic anthropology, but I think I'm called to help live ones :)
I'm also obsessed with Italy. I took 3 semesters of Italian during my anthropology degree and while I did not enjoy that, it will be useful when I go visit again someday!
My favorite book(s) of all time is Dante's Divine Comedy. I have read all 3, and I absolutely love them.
I hope to live in Winchester, England one day. It is my favorite city of all time (even including Italy!).

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Shawnee, OK, USA
Anatomy, forensic anthropology, forensic pathology, archeology, bioethics, apologetics, self-sustainability, wilderness survival
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