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  • Nov 6 '15

    I think that myth of only 1 page is an old saying. It's OK from my understanding to have more as long as it's relevant. I try not to exceed 1.5 pages.

    I agree with what others have said. WAYYY too much fluff. Keep it relevant to the medical field. I'd remove the clinical rotations and skills as a student nurse. Incorporate some of the things you have under patient care in your technical skills with your experience and get rid of everything but the Epic charting. I'd remove everything after A&P tutor under additional skills as I think that is relevant being a new nurse. I also think that abbreviations should be limited. I write them out and end with the abbreviation. For example, Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Certified.

    See below.

    Best wishes.


    Bachelor of Science in Nursing Expected August 2016
    University– New York, NY

    Associate of Applied Science in Nursing June 2015
    XYZ Community College – Long Island City, NY

    Licensure & Certifications

    • New York State Registered Professional Nurse License
    • BLS, ACLS[J1] [J2]

    Volunteer Experience

    Hospital Medical Center, Medical-Surgical Unit –New York, NY June 2015-August 2015
    Unit Aide

    • Provided basic comfort care to over ten patients a day on a medical surgical floor.
    • Assisted nurses in turning patients every two hours using proper body mechanics.
    • Refilled supplies such as gloves, N95 respiratory masks, and gowns as needed in accordance with OSHA standards.
    • Supported psychosocial wellbeing of patients by offering companionship and using therapeutic communication techniques.

    Technical Skills

    • Patient Care: Manual cuff blood pressure/sphygmomanometer, digital blood pressure, assisting patients with elimination needs, colostomy care, tube feeding via NG/PEG, TPN, suctioned & provided trach care, and maintained patent airways.[J3]

    • Electronic Medical Records: Epic EMR

    Additional Skills

    · Fluent in spoken Bengali, conversational in spoken Hindi, basic conversational Spanish

    Academic Projects, and Awards

    • Delivered comprehensive health screenings in community health fairs for underserved populations teaching and increasing awareness of diabetes management, prostate cancer, breast cancer, hypertension, and adhering to medication regimen.
    • Coordinated bone marrow donor registry drive resulting in over 100 newly registered candidates in national bone marrow database.
    • Dean’s List, PTK Honor Society, Vice-President of Nursing Club

    Additional Experience

    Anatomy & Physiology TutorOctober 2014- Present
    Community College, New York, NY

    • Utilize study and testing strategies to on average improve students’ performance by one letter grade.
    • Tutor 5-10 students per shift individually or in groups.
    • Track student performance throughout semester via computer database.
    • Mentor pre-professional RN, LPN, OTA, PTA, and radiologic technology students.

    [J1]Watch abbreviations.

    [J2]Write them out

    [J3]Incorporate into experience above

    [J4]Move this up with your volunteer experience. Could just list them both under experience

  • Sep 23 '13

    LookingAhead, please recognize that I'm not here to give you bad press. Or Columbia. My posts are 100% honest to my experience. You're comfortable with your decision to go, and I'm disappointed with the program, and therefore, my own decision. It's an opinion thing. If you want to be constructive, write a post about your great experiences, and let the prospective applicants use the information as they will! Of course there will be varying opinions on the program, and that's healthy. Let's not try to undo each other's opinions and experiences by clarifying and quoting. Quoting other people's posts in an effort to make them look wrong is just plain obnoxious. We're all in this together, whether or not we're happy with our choice. I'm not getting paid to do PR for Columbia, and I think more information is good when it comes to making such a massive financial commitment. It's information I wish I had as I chose where to go, and that is why I'm posting it here. Do your thang, share what you think needs to be shared, but please, I beg you, stop dissecting my posts.

  • Sep 4 '13

    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    Thanks, Mom.
    OMG!!! I am semi-starstruck! Having one of my "heroes" comment back is like meeting a star!

    I am such a dork...oh, well. :-)

  • Aug 29 '12

    One of my favorite nursing teachers says everyone will make a certain percentage of mistakes so celebrate the errors you make that don’t cause permanent damage or death!

  • Aug 22 '12

    I've been in nursing school since January and I've seen a wide variety. Yes, some that need a job that has some demand, and others that truely care and want to make a difference for people, others that just want the prestige that comes with the title RN, and everything in between. We're getting into the heavy duty learnin' stuff, and its going to get real tough. Those who aren't cut out for it will hopefully be shown the door soon.

  • Aug 16 '12

    Novo is a student.

    Didn't we all know. So easy to tell.