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    Frequent drug seekers :

    1. A beautiful mid-age lady : c/o fell down and show the 'painful area' which is on her feet..coloured with blusher and lipstic! She had an episode of overdose once and caediac arrest : cpr done.narcan given ---> back to life and now back to the old habit again.OMG!

    2.Fifties old lady.Frequently come with a letter from a doctor which state her condition which is 'very painful' and requesting for peth.

    Somehow after over a hundred times given their 'food of life' they were blacklisted in our center.

    Thanks God.

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    Quote from Murse901
    I'm totally confused by the triage portion of your post, so I'll answer your first question -- consult your facility's pharmacy. It sounds like you haven't been given clear instructions on what should and should not be refrigerated (i.e. propofol) and what the refrigeration requirements should be. Your pharmacy will be an invaluable resource for this.

    As for what meds should go where in the fridge, it doesn't really matter. Bear in mind that your fridge should be either behind a locked door (in the med room) or should have a lock on the door itself. You will also need a secondary locking system inside for refrigerated controls such as Ativan.
    Thanks for your reply and advice.I will consult our pharmacist asap

    Bout the triage..
    I only want to ask an opinion.According to what I've learned,Green zone is in the waiting area but oir nursing manager insisted that the green zone should be inside with a bed.I don't think its right.

    FYI :The zone she want to change to green zone is observation bay.
    She ask me to remove the signage of observation bay to green zone but i do not agree...

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    Hi nurses all over the world!

    Need help here.I'm given full responsiblity in setting up our new emergency department...i don't have idea for the storage of drugs in domestic fridge..
    I undetstand that the temp.must maintained 2 - 8 deg. Celcius..but how about the drugs storage for every compartment?any specific placement?
    E.g ; propofol..eticoline?

    And what your opinion bout this?

    1.triage : red,yellow n green.
    Red + yellow = 2+3 bed and an observation bay (3 bed).

    Above as per set up..but then..our nursing manager come to a&e and argue with me about the observation bay.She said its not observation bay but green zone. What?
    I mean, shouldn't green zone is only at waiting area???
    Any of you working in er provided green zone a beds??

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    Is there any opinion?how to stop those drug seeker? Every time they came, we warned the doctor to not giving what they want but end-up with prescribed inj.peth,or T.mida..

    if not the about the doc?

    ..I just don't love them- the drug seeker...

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    A lawyer's wife.came with her sick child.High fever.
    but when doctor prescribe a medicine for her child.He argue with the doctor that it was not the perfect treatment for her child and even suggest to change the medicine with other medicine.
    Why brought her child late at night when she not even agreed with the doc's treatment and have her own version of treatment??

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    hi all!
    I'm so happy today.
    I pass the ACLS.
    not so scary....

    Thanx all!

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    Quote from erin527RN
    Go in there with your knowledge and try not to think of what others have said, esp if they didnt do well.... lol
    Believe in yourself!!!!!
    what a words-it really makes my day!
    one day to go

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    Quote from sserrn
    It's not that bad, honestly! I took it while in nsg school and passed easily w/o really studying for it beforehand.
    wow o.O ! I hope it was that easy!I hope I can make it too

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    Quote from erin527RN
    Nervous for the class, not passing it or both?
    I'm nervous for not passing it..and I'm nervous that I can't answer the question correctly or do anything stupid during megacode
    From the last batch I heard that even house officer or medical officer can failed..

    I study my as* for it...and I hope I can pass it through...~sigh~

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    6 day before ACLS......
    they said its tough..and I'm so nervous..!

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    Quote from hherrn

    The patient will explode.
    Don't laugh. It happens.

    I'm not laughing at it.Seriously.
    I will find the phatophysiology based on 'Patient will explode'
    I just wonder how and why.. thank you

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    Quote from ERnurse1983Ontario
    Amiodarone isn't compatible with NS. Generally that means there is research to say it either effects how the medication devolves within solution leading to such things as decreased efficacy or precipitates. Amiodarone should also be used in non-PVC bags if you're infusing longer than 2 hours.
    thanx.we've been taught so..and the using of non-PVC bags if more than 2 hours is new to me.Thanx a lot.I've seen Amiodarone 150mg diluted in 50cc N.Saline over 0.9% and run over 10 minutes during my clinical.Being curious,I asked more than 5 staffs workin in ED and they give me the same answer.Can be diluted in N.saline.I just wont believe it.

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    what will actually happen if amiodarone dilute with normal saline 0.9?

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    ^_^ --- feel good being chose as 10 ten article : thanx.
    will participate more in the future