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    Mint flavor isn't it?

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    Which giant spit on you?

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    Now what? melted Hulk?

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    Don't make face...I can see it..

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    You got the wrong planet man...

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    Haha!thats scale so funny! XD

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    Quote from pagaaruga
    I admire your concerns regarding the event that took place with that patient but the worst thing that I read from your post was that "I quit from the hospital and looking for new job at well organized center" , this shows that you already gave up on the poor patients who comes to that center asking for help. If nothing changes with the way the center and it staff handles its cases, maybe it would have started from you and made a big difference and have set a good example to all nurses.
    Yeap.I quit-1 month earlier from stated contract .I voiced to get more staff on duty-ignored.Well,who am I? 6month RN to be heard by the over 10 years unchanged management? plus.I want to work at my own state.The other reason-I will keep it for my own.Yes,I do feel sorry and sympathy for those who really need urgent treatment that come to that center but I belive,if I'm not moving out from that center,I'm not doing what I'm doing now.Not being selfish.Not for being a heroine...but I have my own reason and vision .Thank you..

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    Quote from pedsluv
    This is very inspirational story as a new grad nurse. I vow to learn as much as I can and be mentally prepared to handle any situation. My heart breaks hearing that the nurse couldn't "handle" blood. Are you serious, was she fired after this incident??!
    Kudos to you for finding another hospital and expanding your education.
    Nope.she not fired because i did not report to the management.She not helping me inside the resus room but i consider she helping me to manage the chaos outside..

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    God bless you..

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    Quote from JustBeachyNurse
    The original poster is from Malaysia. Apparently parenteral diphenhydramine HCl is not available in Malaysia. (per OP's later posts it is only available in liquid/syrup form and not as a tablet or cream either like it is in the US, Canada and other countries)
    Thanx for answering on be half of me.Even pcm injection is not available in Malaysia..
    No hurtfeelings .Even this drugs not prescribed in my country but I just want to know because I want to..who knows someone from your country come to our center and asking for inj.Benadryl?
    Now I knew that it is only available at your country and I will give him a perfect answer for that..

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    Quote from KatieMI
    It is not a first-choice, first-line med but it exists and sometimes used.
    The problem is, benadryl works really slow comparing with tempo of anaphylaxis. The start of action is expected, under normal circumstances, within 15-20 min., and the patient can die well before this time passes. Also, benadryl, especially given IV, can cause hypotension, doesn't directly treat bronchospasm and its sedative effect may not be desirable.

    I carry benadryl SL pills and SQ auto-injector (the latter thing isn't available in the USA so I buy it in Europe) in my "allergy pack" with total dose 200 mg. I use them only for local and less severe reactions. Paramedics and ER personnel usually inject it later, IV or SQ, but only after blood pressure is under good control.

    thanx a lot!!
    its a new input formy brain :P

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    Quote from spongekarl
    wow this definitely is a very unforgettable experience
    yeap.I will never forget it..

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    Thank you all..
    I'm glad that my experience inspired you all

    but for you all information..the RN that afraid of blood is not worked at emergency department.She is working at medical n surgical ward.She came down because I alert the ward nurses to help me at emergency as I don't have enough hand.BUT still,I'm shocked she said that to me in that kind of situation...

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    Quote from brainkandy87
    Is this homework?

    And I strongly suggest a drug handbook or an app such as Medscape or Epocrates that allows you to look up drugs including administration, pharmacology, et al. You won't always have handy to ask what's what.

    In a nutshell: benadryl IV does the same stuff benadryl PO does, except much faster. It can be used for anything from an allergic reaction to anxiety to abdominal pain. It should be diluted and never be pushed any other way than slow (25 mg/min max).
    Nope,it is not a homework.
    I'm asking this because i never encounter with this drugs before.since I'm a student nurse and been in nursing for 4 year-i never give even saw this drug.I'm asking my colleague about this and he also did not know benadryl injection is do exist.Because in our country Benadryl is in syrup form and always prescribed as a cough mixture.I'm quite sure Inj Benadryl is not practiced in our country.I do search about it before post it here but I want to hear from all of you (nurses all over the world) that had administer and knew this drug like you knew your own palm.Its nice to heard from other experienced.So,I'm posting here at AN-to hear world answer.i hope you got it--i'm not assuming AN as customer service counter or dictionary

    thanx for the info.It means a lot to me even it just a nutshell