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  • Feb 16

    The math. I used the study guide ed. 4 just to refresh and it was exactly like the test. I scored a 89 in the math section. Addition, subtraction, ratios and fractions. Lots of fractions so I focused heavy on those and the ruses of fraction. Reading comp. It was simple, if you can read a paragraph and understand what it's saying anD answer questions on what you read you'll be fine. I didn't even study this section and I got a 90 in it. Grammar, verbs, noins, pro-nouns, sentence structure, again, it's all in the study guide. I took additional quizzes to help with it and also read them aloud to see if they made any sense ! 89 there. A&P, I used the study guide again as well as a few quizlet tools and I passed it as well. I could of put more effort In to but I was so worried about biology (which I failed) I neglected the rest but still did fairly well! I hope this helps. Oh and because I'm not much of a book learner , I went to pintrest and looked up hesi- and whichever subject you are having the most issue with. I found diagramsome and illustrations much more help find for myself ! Again good luck to you !!