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  • Aug 17 '13

    Quote from rosemrn
    Reading these chapters is killing me! Already dreading the quiz. One day/week at a time. This to shall pass!


  • Aug 10 '13

    Quote from shantel1621
    Stay positive, set deadline with your group members, when you have doubts double check answers, participate in online office hour and remember answers for the exams are not found in the text in order to pass you MUST understand the entire content of the work. Good luck guys.
    Great advice, but easier said than done. Everyone in my group (except one) ignored all deadlines and submitted things whenever they felt like it or not at all. During the last 2 weeks, I set strict deadlines via the DB and Dr. H. popped in on the DB and told the group that they did not have to adhere to them because the last day to post the assignment was Saturday and she felt like my deadline of Thursday was way too early. I wanted everything to be submitted by Thursday so there was time to make corrections and have it finalized to submit on Friday since I worked on Sat. It was quite frustrating to have not only zero support from the faculty, but to have them contradict our plan to get the assignments done fairly and timely. The one girl in my group who worked hard w/me was forced by Dr. B, Dr. H, and our AC to delay submitting our final APA paper until Sat night as she was dressed in scrubs with car keys in hand walking out the door for work in order to give the rest of the group yet one more chance to participate with all deadlines ignored. Guess what? Even after doing all of that, we submitted the paper with only 3 names instead of 5 because only one other girl posted anything at all on the DB during that week.

    Regarding the online office hours, they are held on Wed mornings the first 3 weeks of the class and yes they are helpful in that many questions regarding the assignments are answered at that time but if you miss them live, don't worry. They are taped and be accessed anytime after Wed morning for one week. Take good notes and use the info to help you in your assignments; it will save you a few points. And trust me....every point counts. You could assign one member of the group to listen and write up a summary to post on the DB if there is someone trustworthy and thorough.

    As for the quizzes, some of the answers are indeed found in the text. I think what Shantel means is that they do not come directly verbatim from there. For example, you will need to understand concepts rather than merely simple definitions. In other words, yes, you do need to know the meaning of specific terms but there won't be questions that ask about the definition per se; rather, by understanding the definition, you can then apply it to an example given in the quiz question.

    I am keeping good thoughts and am sending all my positive feelings and regards your way.

  • Oct 3 '12

    Hey everyone. I can't sleep so I thought I'd get on here and check the posts. Hehe. So here is an update. I've actually started the sept 24th class. Who else has? Mayb we are in the same group seems like most of the assignments for this class are a lot of bs work and not deeper nursing info as I'd imagined. Oh well I hope it eventually will b more interesting. Research is kind of boring Haha, can't really put that on the weekly uTA discussion board can I? Lol