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    I got my CNA and then went into nursing. I can tell you that with your CNA experience you will basically be able to sleep trough the first few weeks of skills lab that goes with your fundamentals class. Also if you can handle working as a CNA there is a very good chance you can make it as a nurse.Which is good to find out before you spend the money on a program.

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    @MEDCHICA Thank you for making that post. I'm a nursing student in my early twenties. When I was in my early teens I was diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic symptoms and required multiple hospitalizations. I didn't understand my illness and hated taking my meds. Its wasn't till I started seeing a clinical nurse specialist/Nurse Practitioner who sounds a lot like you that I was able to turn around my life. It was her affection and concern that finally helped me get my life together and inspired me to become a nurse. The point of this post is just to say THANK YOU. I know your patients don't always voice their thankfulness but you are an amazing person for the work you do

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    Thanks for reading,

    I'm wondering how hard it is to go from being a Med Tech or Corpsman in any branch to being a nurse? I know that you need a BSN to be a Nurse but was wondering what it takes right now with the cut downs to be a med tech and/or to get the military to send me to nursing school? How hard are these spots to get? I really want to be in the military in the health field. I have a very close relationship with a retired Army General and have great respect for him. He served in Vietnam and Korea and got injured in both. I have great affection for the people who saved him and want to follow in their footsteps. Any info yall have will be really appreciated