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Life, Death, and the Nurse In Between

He was an elderly patient, unresponsive and on comfort measures only, when I met him at 8:00am that morning. The staff had guessed based on his current state that he would pass away that evening, or perhaps overnight. I was following a kind and compassionate hospice nurse for the day as part of the class I'm in. She asked if I would like to help assess him, and we got to work. The first thing I noticed was his breathing. I watched his chest. I glanced at my watch. 36 breaths per minute, using... Read More →

Remembering Like It Was Yesterday

I have about 8 months of nursing school left. I've barely even begun to panic about the NCLEX yet. I haven't had the opportunity to respond to a code. We're not allowed to start IV's in our program. I don't know how or where I'm going to find my first job, or worry about if my preceptor will be of the "eat their young" variety when I get there. Once I do land that first job, I can't even imagine the amount of things I'll get confused about, questions I'll be asked, mistakes I'll make, and the... Read More →