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    Dear all,

    I need some help and I hope you can help me! I'm doing my post basic study in critical care nursing and I need to do a nursing research proposal. The study should be of a quantitative study and I would like to ask you for some help in giving me some ideas on the type of studies I can do in the critical care unit. I really couldn't think of much ideas. Thank you very much, I do appreciate your kindness and help.

    Thanks :redpinkhe


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    Greetings people...really appreciate the welcome thread!

    Hmm..i'm a newly grad..actually it's about 6 months already! Anyway i'm now working in ICU..kinda a small fish in the ocean! But God is good...guiding me always.
    Well, i'm hoping to meet more people here...including YOU !

    God bless,
    Missy- B