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  • Mar 30 '16

    As a loving wife of an alcoholic who spent last Monday in the ER after a terrible binge, I am so grateful that there were nurses who treated my husband as a human being who deserves care and respect.

    Addiction is a horrible, painful disease, and I don't know of anyone who chooses to live that life. Not only am I married to an alcoholic, my mom is an alcoholic and my brothers are both heroine addicts. I am surrounded by it, I am hurt by it, I have cried buckets of tears over it and have worn my knees out praying for it to all stop. But these are all human beings, and I love them very, very much.

    It always amazes me when people say "they made their bed". I don't know about anyone else, but when I took my first swig of liquor at a party when I was 19, I didn't see it as "making my bed." Certainly I could have turned into an addict as could anyone else, but thankfully I did not. Please, don't oversimplify addiction. It just is not that cut and dry.

    I applaud all the positive responses to this article. It started out as a beautifully written post, and it's ironic it took a turn for the worse.....especially given the topic!