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  • May 15

    I agree!! Med/Surg nursing is not for the weak. You have to be smart in just about every area of the human body. I wish that Med/Surg nurses were able to get lower patient/nurse ratios. I think it would decrease the burn-out. I happen to love Med/Surg nursing. I just get frustrated that I don't have more time with the patients. I think that administration could save money in other areas instead of cutting nurses. There would be less falls, less mistakes, less lawsuits, less turn-around (which means less money being devoted into training new nurses), and it would just be good for the hospitals overall. I don't know about you, but if they want to treat a hospital like a business, then the administrators should want customer service to be exceptional. You want your "customers" coming back to your hospital. They have other choices. It's impossible to give the best service when you are running an hour behind on things because you are being pulled in so many directions. For example, I had a C Diff patient the other day. The CNA and I had to change the linens and clean the patient 4 times in 2 hours. I WILL NOT let somebody sit in feces. Instances like this can put you behind schedule and then they ask you, "why were you late on your meds?" SMH!!!!

  • Feb 18

    Quote from TheCommuter
    By the way, the following is a link to the recent disciplinary action page on the BON website for the state where I live. Just click on any license number to read the stories that led up to disciplinary action being taken against the licensee (nurse).
    Thank you for sharing this. :-)

  • May 29 '16

    Quote from That Guy

    Oh please people do this! I had a critical patient come in who was on the verge of crumping the other night and when we hooked him up to the 3 lead it showed asystole. Of course this got the attention of everyone around and they came running. I told them to back off look, he is awake, talking and moving around. Lets get a stat 12 lead and go from there.

    The key with ER is focused. You have to focus in on what is the problem. If they come in with their arm backwards, does most of the other stuff really matter? Not necessarily.

    Every chance you see them talk to them is a chance to assess them. Were they talking perfectly before and not so well now? Is their skin now diaphoretic and pale. IS their breathing now severely labored when it wasnt before.

    ER was a whole different animal to me as I had worked on the floor. You are worried about such different things up there and you can tell when you call to give report to the floor nurses because I will tell you what you need to know, and thats the facts, you can do the rest up there.
    Love what you wrote! Every interaction is turned into an assessment! :-)