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    Congratulations! My story is similar, with the exception of having prior RN experience. After countless responses of, "We are going with a more qualified candidate" and "You need 6-12 months current experience", an offer of employment was extended. Good luck in your new position!

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    I think it's a great idea to be working period, making your future job applications more attractive, vs. being unemployed and not gaining any experience.

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    Maybe a career coach could assist regarding what direction to take next.

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    Normally, the background check and drug tests are done when the company has selected you for the position. Wishing you the best of luck and congratulations!

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    Have you considered a staffing agency?

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    Consider that interview of premonition of what you would be working with had you been hired for that position. My experience with interviews in the past have told me to expect the unexpected. Many different styles of interviews are demonstrated, some upbeat, some quite earth-shattering. Chalk the experience up to poor management, and move forward. You will eventually find a facility that will be a good fit for you. Hold your head high, and show them you are confident. Good luck on your pursuit!

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    Thank you for posting a nice, inspiring post. Your hard work and dedication to the field has yielded a new direction for you. It's nice to know that there are other areas available, especially for those having a difficult time getting a foot in the door of the traditional settings. Congratulations on your new position, and wishing you the best of luck on your journey.

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    Sounds like you held your own during the interview. As you invited to more interviews in the future, you will observe that each style may be different. Be prepared for anything. Wishing you the best of luck with the position.

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    The job search today is very frustrating, mind-boggling, and depressing. Keep plugging away at apps and interviews. Remain confident, and positive. Many are in the same boat, so no that you are not alone. Today's job climate is in the favor of the employer.

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    Kudos to you for being accepted for a position as an RN. I wouldn't worry so much about that pay rate. With you getting your foot back in the door, you can get the recent experience many positions are requiring these days.

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    The place you were working at apparently only cared for the almighty dollar, instead of patient safety. I would have left too. Imagine working on a short staffed shift, and having some type of critical event occur. Do you believe the company would back the RN? In most cases not. I have witnessed this in the past, with the company attempting to go after the nurse's license. It's more economical to obtain employment elsewhere, than having to hire an attorney to represent one in front of the nursing board.

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    Had I noticed the error, I would have approached the fellow student on the insulin issue. Maybe the two of you could have accomplished the task together. When I was in nursing school, the students were advised to help one another out during clinicals. Once you become a licensed professional, I am sure if any mistakes are made, one would much rather have a peer point it out instead of meeting with a Nursing Supervisor and being written up or terminated.

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    Will you excuse me while I take this call?

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    I had a couple of LPNs orient me in the areas of med administration, and other floor duties. They had a wealth of experience and were a pleasure to work with.

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    It appears as though the hospitals have numerous applicants for the positions posted/advertised. A majority of the facilities require a year's recent experience. Those who do not meet that criteria join the exclusion pool, including those with recent experience or many years experience (who have not practiced in the hospital setting for several years). It's discouraging, however don't give up.