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  • May 30 '13

    Was he told that RN stands for "Real Nurse"? It is possible

  • May 22 '13

    Quote from CapeCodMermaid
    Don't you all get a week off every few months and the entire summer off? Seems fair compensation for dealing with a few pesky people.
    you know, using the same type of logic, we can turn it around on the 3 shift a weekers and say that you guys actually work less shifts (not necessarily hours) than us (3 shifts per week x 4 weeks/month on avg x 12 mo = 144 vs 180) and you can put in for a vacation in any month you want - not have to wait until the summer... just sayin...

  • May 21 '13

    OK, teachers. I would like to clarify a few things for you.
    #1. I cannot cure hiccups. Why are you sending the student to me? Ditto for a cut that happened a week ago at home, a sunburn from a we
    ekend at the beach, or numerous other minor complaints. I know you don't want hear whining, but neither do I. THERE'S NOTHING I CAN DO!
    #2. I cannot make the children germ-proof, so you won't get sick. Don't work in an elementary school if you're concerned about getting sick. You're in the wrong place. I'm sorry, but it is a hazard of our job!
    #3. See #2
    #4. I do not sit around on my butt eating bonbons all day. I know you're tired of them. I'm tired too. Everyone is tired and grouchy and school needs to end. All of our jobs are hard. But please don't send them down to me for every-little-bitty-thing. You have 20 kids. I have 60 kids/day. Really.
    #5. See #2
    #6. No, I can't tell the parents to keep the kids home if they don't have a temperature. If the parent feels the child is fine and they don't have any symptoms, they need to be in school. We get in trouble for that. It's called denying the child their education.
    #7. Yes, I know the majority of parents think we are baby-sitters. I cannot change that. I cannot tell parents how to raise their child, or teach them common sense on when to keep them home. Some will never get it, and some don't want to get it. See #2.
    #8. I'm thrilled that you're pregnant. But I still can't germ proof the kids - all 900 of them. Kids have germs, and you mostly likely will end up getting sick at some point. See #2 and #6. Just try and wash your hands a lot, and don't let little ones get too close.
    #9. Loose teeth hurt. Yes, they do. I cannot pull the tooth our nor make it better. Ice won't help it. I can give TLC, but so can you!
    #10. Yes, children can vomit quite easily. Especially after lunch. Sometimes on command to get out of class - really! Please try and trust my judgment, OK? I'm following the school policy; you may not agree with it but I have to abide by it.
    #11. I'm not just here to rubber stamp someone you want sent home!
    #12. All of the above doesn't apply to the little kids - pre-K and K. If they don't feel good, I automatically call Mom to come pick them up. I'm not heartless. Really..

    Thank you for listening! I feel better now...........(sigh)

    11 days and counting.............

  • May 17 '13

    I got the job!!! I'm so excited to start Thank you for your help and advice!

  • May 15 '13

    That is all.

  • May 9 '13

    Happy School Nurse Day and Nurses' Week!!

    I am the nursing supervisor at my district and I knew the nurses may be forgotten since it was teachers week also. I got to work a little early today and went to all the schools to put signs up for each nurse and left them little gifts in their offices. Our superintendent also thanked each of us and sent out an e-mail to all the staff members. I'm fortunate to be where I am.

    Thank you for your support and guidance. I have learned so much form all of you on

  • May 8 '13

    Hi all my partners in crime out there....Just wanted to tell all of you happy school nurses day. I hope you all have a great day and remember, summer vacation is just around the corner

  • Apr 25 '13

    I am a new nurse (8 months) who has worked 6 months in a SNF and 2 months at a hospital (med/surg). Today I was my first day as a sub nurse. It was crazy busy! It was a half day and I saw 6 head bumps (what are these kids doing?), upset tummies, a hemophiliac with a tiny laceration that took aeons to stop bleeding, tube feelings, asthmatics, trach care, meds, etc, etc, etc.

    I have a 2 and 4 year old at home and eventually (when I finish my BSN and my kiddos are in school) I'd like to get into school nursing. For now I'm going to try and pick up a few days each month to get some experience while I'm in school and working at the hospital.

    But I have to say I am in awe of you guys. I don't know how you even find time to eat. You are the rock stars of nursing.

  • Apr 22 '13

    At my school, OTC meds must be provided by the parent in the original containers. With parent's permission they are good for ten days only. If they want it to be good for the entire year it will require a physician's note. After the ten days, they must come and pick up the meds or they will be disposed of. This prevents them from being able to say (after the ten days) "can you just giver her one more dose?"

  • Apr 17 '13

    If you didn't see it, he didn't puke.

  • Mar 8 '13

    Where I work a patient like that will be assisted into a chair/wheelchair/geri chair and parked out at the nursing station away from their bell.They are made to spend as much time as possible out of their room.( I work in a hospital). If they are well enough to be ringing constantly they don't need to spend all day in bed.

  • Mar 8 '13

    sit them in a chair in front of the nursing station

  • Feb 21 '13

    So I called the principal today and left her a voice mail. She called me back later, told me I was her #1 candidate, and that she was waiting for the head nurse to call me, who had been out sick.
    Head nurse called me at about 8pm tonight! We spoke for 45minutes, and she told me that she would call the principal in the AM, and that one of them would be calling me back tomorrow. I'm guessing that will be with a job offer!
    Keep fingers crossed, just in case, please!

  • Feb 11 '13

    c/o being sick, check temp, fever=send home
    vomiting,in your office/class send home. I never believe the old "I just threw up in the bathroom"
    possible broken ankle arm wrist= call parent for pick to get checked
    severe emergency= 911
    menses= rest x 15 min,return to class, I don't leave work for my period, you don't leave school
    sore throat=check temp, cough drop (with permission form parent) back to class. Nopermiss for cough drop..cup of water
    bad stomach ache= use my bathroom, check temp=return to class
    injury over the weekend and you need ice=I dont give it with out a doctors order. I know "it's only ice", but if the knucklehad keep the icepack on too long and burns his own skin=yup, I'm responsible
    headache= check temp, rest x 15 min..inquire why they didnt come in during THEIR lunch hour and how many tests do they have scheduled rest of afternoon?
    Stomachache beginning of school=why didnt you eat bkfst? oh you didnt have time..well, I have three kids to get ready, bkfst and lunches to do and I ate bkfst. heres two crackers go back to class
    You want to be excused from gym why?? no note from parents, no excuse. (some kids just hate to sweat)
    Diabetics= follow the orders

  • Feb 8 '13

    Teenage boy walks in and says "my nose hurts when I do this" and proceeds to basically hit himself in the nose. Response? "Don't do that and go back to class."