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    Why is this even a question? You should tell the truth. Did your nursing program not cover ethics?

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    This would be a good place to start:

    VA Board of Nursing

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    Quote from angie2927
    I'm in my last semester too and I requested surgery at a decent-sized hospital for my preceptorship. I got it, but now I'm second-guessing. The nurse manager in charge of students told me she had no trouble getting me in because "nobody wants surgery". She said she thinks nobody wants it because they want rotations that will "actually help with NCLEX". Ugghhh. So maybe I made a poor choice.
    Eh, I don't think you made a poor choice. Everything you learned in school will help you pass that NCLEX, not a preceptorship. All that knowledge won't be lost if you decide to choose a specialty. In class, we have instructors warn us about "picking up bad habits" in the clinical setting. They always tell us, when it comes to the NCLEX, go with what you were taught in school, not what you see on the floor. Were it me, I would pick a specialty that interests me!

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    Could you possibly use "Knowledge Deficit" as your diagnosis? I am unfamiliar with the time-out protocol, but I gather from your post that your problem relates to some kind of knowledge deficit regarding its implementation. Think it could work?

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    Quote from Esme12
    Gross analogy, but it works...Think about flushing a flush, and then flush again right away......nothing happens right? This is because the tank doesn't have time to fill....PRELOAD is decreased in the tank.

    What if the toilet is plugged up? When you flush, it backs up....this is too much afterload.
    Awesome analogy - this totally makes sense to me!

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    I would worry about fluid loss.

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    I found this book helpful when I started my program.

    Davis's Test Success

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    I use this site frequently to practice.

    Dosage Help

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    Quote from RNGriffin
    Isn't this a shame. We're bringing up a generation dependent on technology and the hard work of others. This question could have been a great teaching tool for other students. Shame, shame shame!
    Hey, it's not a total loss. I learned quite a bit from the OP's thread!

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    Quote from LadyFree28

    Trying to keep the thread as a guiding tool for sake of the OP.
    That was originally my intention. Boy did I muck that up...

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    Wow, my bad everyone. I realize that DA is not an "official" abbreviation and I would/will never use it to document. I'm sorry

    Since the original poster hasn't returned yet...

    Would an aortic aneurysm be audible in the abdomen?

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    Ha! Yes, I meant descending aorta. I was purposefully vague in order to let the original poster attempt to figure it out. I didn't want to spoil the thread.

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    Wait, what were you thinking? I thought DA. I mean, sometimes after I eat I can watch my abdomen pulsate. I always assumed it was my DA.

    Why are we rushing to ct? Should I be worried?

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    Yea, I totally read that question as 'day' instead of 'week'. Whoops!

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    mzrainydayz, what book did you use to review? The Hurst review that was posted at the top?