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    thanks everyone for your responses. And by mental impairments I mean psychiatric illness. Thats the great thing about nursing there are many areas you can choose. Im pretty motivated to succeed and determined. Whereas, in the past, I was less hopeful about my future.

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    after reading about menta illness worsening over time, i'm scared for my future. i hope things don't get worse for me. that was always a fear of mine after seeing my sister deteriorating over time. what's the point of living if the illness will get worse in the future? in my opinion, mentall illness is the worst disease there is. nothing compares. people dont understand what it's like. people have more compassion for cancer patients then they do for the mentally ill. cancer is nothing compared to mental illness. my grandmother had cancer and even she said she is glad she doesn't have a menta impairment. she said herself she would no be able to tolerate it. not that cancer is not a challenge its not as big of challenge as mental illness. your body can be healed but when you lose your mind you've lost everything. i believe euthanasia should be legal everywhere, especially for the mentally ill. one of the things i will be fighting for when i become a nurse. you should have the right to die whenever you want, and there should not be so much bureaucracy attached to it. it's almost like the government wants you live and suffer so that insurance companies and pharmaceuticals can cash in.

    sorry for being so magniloquent, but i'm just so passionate about this stuff because of my own personal experiences with myself and family members.

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    Thank you Horseshoe for your response.

    I'm nervous because I don't think I can handle it. I guess time will tell.

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    I definitely have had experiences with racist nurses and doctors. I am mixed (black and white) but I look more black or latina. My sister looks more white than anything. Yet, we both had different experiences at this certain hospital where we live. Basically, she was invited to some committee to speak about improvement of patient care and I was harassed, insulted, and ignored at this hospital. I definitely was not treated with any respect or dignity but my sister was.

    Now, I was very compliant, and my sister was not. I am a very easy patient , my sister is very difficult.

    Another experience I had at the ER, I had double vision and eye deviation because of an acne medication. I went to the ER and the doctor that I saw was such an a*** very rude and desrepectful. The first thing he said to me was, "What can I do for you" I said I have no idea I'm not a doctor, all I know is that I can't see my eyes are moving all around etc... I told him maybe a CAT scan? Now, I should not have to tell the doctor what he needs to do for me I obviously have no idea what needs to be done. Then he said," Now, when I do that are you gonna be all set, you will be satisfied with a CAT scan?"

    I was ****** leaving this hospital. I complained to the department of health in that state and they did nothing at all.

    Turns out, my eye doctor said I needed a spinal tap, had too much fluid in my head and there are meds for it. My eye doctor was disgusted when I told him about my experience.

    So, thankfully, I went to a neurologist and got the spinal tap done. I'm better now thank god and thanks to my eye doctor.

    I sent my eye doctor an edible arrangment bouquet to thank him for being such a great doctor.

    Thanks to him, my eyes are back to normal now. This happened a couple of years ago.

    This has not been the only bad experience I've had with doctors/medical professionals I've had a lot which is one of the reasons why I want to become a nurse. I want to change some of the behavior I witnessed as a patient and as a CNA.

    I 've heard horror stories from other people in my area and know a couple of people who are suing a couple of hospitals. I tell people I can't be the only one complaing there needs to be more than one person with a problem in order for things to change.

    I am a spiritual person and I believe in Karma. People , like that doctor I spoke about, have a hard path ahead of them and they will experience what they caused.

    That's why when I was a CNA, I made sure I was very kind, patient, and understanding. I showed compassion because you never know when you will be in a vunerable position in life and you are totally dependent on others to care for you.

    Let's hope they treat you well and not like this doctor/hospital treated me.

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    Also, I forgot, what is the pay for working in ER or ICU in Connecticut?

    And....can you start out working in ICU or ER when you first begin nursing , or do you need some other type of experience before you begin working in ICU?

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    I will be a student nurse in about a year.

    I want ICU and ER experience so that I can become a Anesthetist later on

    My question is (prob a stupid question) how stressful is it working in ICU and ER?

    I just wanted to know about others' personal experiences.

    Is this something you get used to overtime? I especially would like to hear from those that have mental impairments and how they manage their emotions/lives while working in critical care setting.

    Thanks so much.