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    @SICUlove: You have totally read my mind! One thing I have learned working as a nurse for the past year is that working with people you like (and those who later become your best friends) really makes all the difference. I can pretty much get along with anyone and put on my happy face when I need too, but working with people you legitimately like really changes the whole dynamic of the floor. I definitely want a supportive group of people to work with especially because I am going to learning for a while and teamwork is so essential when you're a nurse no matter where you work.

    The hospital itself does not have a CRNA program, however, it is a teaching hospital and it is a clinical site to several of the nursing schools (including CRNA) in the area. I do know however that schools are really impressed by those who have work experience in this specific SICU.

    I have been doing countless hours on these 2 units because I really do want to make the right decision not only for me, but my future career. According to what I have read on the internet, this blog and what I have heard from those familiar with the SICU the comments are the same across the board "it's great!" Those who work there love their job and those who know of the unit say that it is a phenomenal unit. So what's not to like?

    I also thought about the benefits of being exposed to the surgical culture and the OR/Anesthesia team and how that would not only help with a future reference, but also how it would help me transition into that area of care. I also think that SICU would be a legitimately interesting place to work. This unit not only gets your normal surgical cases they also see trauma surg pts, transplants, open hearts, and over flow from the neurosurg unit. I really don't think I would have a problem becoming interested in my job if I worked there. Plus I'm just a curious person who likes to learn new things anyway.

    When I originally started this journey I was pro-neuro all the way, but I guess now it's nice to have more than one option.

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    Thanks guys! Another concern I have is that the Neuro ICU is very outdated. From what I saw most of the equipment looked newer, but the monitors were really old. However, the manager did say that they will be getting new monitors in October. Otherwise I think I would learn a lot there.

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    Yeah, I've been reading a lot of threads and everyone has mixed reviews. I guess I am just having trouble picking one over the other. Both units would provide me with surgical and trauma experience. The neuro unit is smaller (16-beds) while the surgical unit is larger (40-unit). The other appealing factor is that the surgical unit gets all different types of surgeries including transplants. The neuro unit is involved in trauma such as stab and gunshot wounds and MVA's. I wish I could just float to both so I could have my cake and eat it too.

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    So here is my current dilemma...I am currently between choosing jobs in either the Neuro ICU or the SICU. Both jobs are at the same level 1 trauma hospital in downtown Detroit. My plan is to eventually become a CRNA and I want to make the best choice so I can get into CRNA school. I currently work on a stroke/cardiac unit and I love my neuro patients, so I feel it would be easier for me transition into the neuro ICU. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind getting out of my comfort zone and expanding my knowledge base into another area of practice. I've also heard that SICU's tend to be "farms" or "breading grounds" for CRNA's. I guess I just don't know enough about SICU to know that I would like working there.

    If anyone has any experience in these areas or has gotten into CRNA school with either one of these backgrounds I would really appreciate your feedback! Thanks everyone!

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    So yesterday I got 2 calls for 2 interviews next week down at Henry Ford Main. I currently work at Henry Ford Macomb Hospital, so I don't any information about the benefits and so on. I have never been to the main campus, nor can I find any information about their nursing units anywhere. I am interviewing at both the Neuro ICU and the Surgical ICU. I have a pretty good idea of the pt population that will be in the neuro ICU, but I don't know a whole lot about surgical. Like which pt's go to the surgical ICU? I assume open hearts go to CVICU and neuro surg pts would go to Neuro ICU, so what interesting pt's do you get in surgical? My one friend told me that surgical ICU is a glorified PACU and another said that they actually get a lot of trauma cases.

    If anyone out there works at these units or has worked at these units I would love to hear your input! Thank you so much!

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    Hey guys,
    I am planning on applying to some ICU positions in the next couple months and I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I just graduated in May 2011 and have been working on a stroke/cardiac (med-tele) unit for the past year. I am BCLS and ACLS certified, and I also have my NIH Stroke certification. I have always wanted to work in the ICU and during my senior year of nursing I was selected to do an internship in the ICU (which I absolutely LOVED). Should I just include my work experience or should I put my internship experience on there as well to show that I have at least had SOME ICU experience?