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    wonnnnderful of you, really. thank you so much! I'm gonna pull the post just so folks know I'm all set!

    thanks so much, really. I just moved 6 weeks ago/took my first hospital job and am a full time student in my second term, it's just a lot, but going well.

    many thanks

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    Hi, I am an NP student and am writing my final paper for the term. The final interview I had lined up fell through it seems so I was wondering if an NP out there would be willing to answer 10 or so questions posted below to assist me in writing the paper.

    The paper is designed for us to reflect on what we've learned from the 3 interviews that we did about barriers and expectations in the NP field.

    I would never post questions like this, but I was assured by someone they'd do it and it didn't happen for whatever reason and I'm out of NP friends.

    Thank you so much

    • What led to the decision to become an advanced practice nurse?
    • Describe their educational experience.
    • What expectations did they have at graduation?
    • How does their current practice situation relate to what they expected at graduation? Are they in clinical practice? If so, is the scope of practice what they expected? If it is not what they expected, why not? If they are not in clinical practice, was this their choice?

    • What barriers to practice were encountered?
    • What is/was the response of the patients to their nursing care?
    • What is the level of satisfaction the advanced practice nurse now enjoys? Is it related to the autonomy or the patient care? Something else?
    • What level of participation in partnership and networks was necessary to attain their career objectives?