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  • May 19 '15

    Quote from fraydar
    I just had a really ****** night where I was mocked for going to school to be a nurse. I can't explain how frustrated and ******* ****** off I get when people mock me for my decision to be a nurse and make a positive difference in people's lives. I feel like so many people think nurses just put band aides on people's fingers. I hate this and just needed somewhere to vent, people are idiots, if there weren't nurses the healthcare system would collapse faster than a ******* popped balloon.
    I feel for you mate I do, I am a male nurse and have come across a lot of sexism in both the work place and within society. There are so many ignorant people out there who have no understanding what we do and how hard it is to do it.

    Just remember that as a nurse you will be the reason a young man has another 50 years with his wife, or that the two year old child you treated can breath again. A person is called a Hero for saving a life, you save a Hundred and your a Nurse.

    We are the true heroes we get little pay, shouted at, slandered in the papers, work long shifts, deal with things that no person should have to deal with and we get up every day and do it with a smile.

    You and every other nurse on this site is an unsung hero, and when someone degrades you for it you can just smile back and know that what your doing makes a real difference.

    keep smiling !!