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  • Aug 30 '13

    So when you become a nurse and say the nightingale pledge, that only pertains to when your at work? I believe A REAL nurse is a nurse at home, a nurse in the car, a nurse at the gym, a nurse at a restaurant, a nurse at a wedding, a nurse in the park, a nurse in bed, a nurse in the swimming pool, a nurse at the mall, etc. If you know how to save them, and yes a nurse is obligated to save them, then save them!! Good Sam will protect you as long as you stay "in your scope of practice". Don't do anything a doctor would do. Do what a Nurse would do.

  • Nov 8 '12

    To answer an earlier question ... I have a 4.0 with A&P 1 and 2 complete (which would give me a 5.75 out of 6.25 based on CCAC's points program). I'm currently taking Micro and Algebra 108. I got accepted into the Allegheny evening program, and only have English 102 left to complete after this semester. I turned in my application on the last day, so that doesn't have anything to do with acceptance. I hope that anyone who got a denial letter either appeals or applies for fall! Good luck to you all.

  • Nov 5 '12

    Don't get discouraged guys! Just because it didn't come today doesn't mean you weren't accepted! Think positive!!

  • Nov 5 '12

    I GOT IN!!!!! Allegheny Day with my friend too!!! Ahhhh!!!!! I can't stop smiling and jumping around!! My kids are looking at me crazy and asking why I'm so happy, lol!!

  • Nov 1 '12

    Just today my boss was telling me about a 91 yr old pt that attended our cardiac rehab. We encourage them to set a goal.He was end stage CHF, pretty feeble but had a dream to one day still be able to hit a tennis ball .
    To facilitate this, she and another nurse drove him to a nearby tennis court so he could complete his "bucket list ". He tipped a couple of balls and as they led him back to the car he leaned over still puffing from exertion and said "any chance I could touch your breasts? ". I guess that bucket list was bigger than they knew!! 91 , the guy could still dream big!