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    Hello, I am graduating in may and plan on entering into critical care when the opportunity arrises. I would like to become more familiar with the common medications in this field. Does anyone have an opinion on the best resource for emergency medications for someone who will be new to the field? Thanks.

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    First off, I am not a CRNA yet, so I don't want to mislead anyone. I just thought this might be the best place for this question. I am aware that it is difficult to find international work as a CRNA due to regulation on anesthesia. Is anyone aware of any international opportunities that are out there for CRNAs? Anything? Thanks for your time.

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    Does anyone know anything about the Westminster CRNA program in Salt Lake City, UT? I've researched it online and it seems to be a quality program, but who am I to judge. I want to stay in this location, but at the same time I don't want to **** away my time and effort at an inferior program. Any input from CRNAs(maybe even graduates of the program) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.