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Optimal Effects of Child Life Involvement in Pediatric Nursing

Caring for the pediatric population can be extremely demanding on the nurse at times. Incorporating multi-disciplinary care along with family centered care can be difficult and challenging, yet provides such a remarkable experience for the patient. A large part of this is the result of child life specialists. The child life specialist alleviates a great deal of pressure for the nurse as it allows for a crucial and trusting relationship to be formed between the child life specialist and patient.... Read More →

Nursing Leaders Faced with Challenges

Beginning with recognizing the obstacles, the emerging leader can identifying the obstacles and assist the nurse with implementing a plan to reach the goal of becoming a leader. Today's nurse is faced with many challenges which ten years ago was not posed as a threat to the emerging nurse leader. The nurse whom chooses to advance oneself is limited to administrative and leadership roles today. Difficult situations such as limited job opportunities, cost reduction plans for health care... Read More →

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