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    Hello all,

    I took my NCLEX for the first time and I didn't pass. I studied with Saunders Rn Comprehensive Review. I am studying for NCLEX-PN. I am writing this thread to find out what books you guys recommend and also what review class/course I can take this time to ensure I pass.

    I also reside in Los Angeles Area so if you know a review class/course near the area that may benefit me, I would really appreciate it.

    And provide any study tips you guys may have.

    Thank you so much.

    P.S. I graduated in May 2017 and took the test in september

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    Nursel56---Thanks! But no need to apologize for my carelessness. Who reads the TOS these days?

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    In reply to hey_suz---Thanks! Atleast somebody understands me

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    In reply to Colleenrn2be--- I did not fall for her story. Like I said before, this was an informational post...and this is not the first spam I have received in my life. The point of this thread was to inform members to not post their email publicly. This spammer got my info from allnurses due to my ignorance.

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    I did not know where to post this information. This is an informational post. The reason I am posting this to tell everybody not to post their email address on any social media, boards or things of that nature. I had to learn the hard way. Esme is the one that is always telling users to be careful of that! Thanks:kiss.

    To make a long story short, I posted my email on this website in response to a thread before. I am assuming the spammer saw my information and probably saw other people's email as well that may have publicly posted it on allnurses, and s/he decided to take advantage of that. I received an email from S/he formally introduced herself under her incognito as Diane Zzadi. Users Beware!!! She sent me this letter at first:

    Hi, i am ms. Diane , is my pleasure communicating with you . though, i have seen your profile here, please kindly get back to me via my email so that i will detail you my purpose of writing you . i have something very important to share with you . i will be waiting to hear from you. thanks and have a blessed day.

    In the subject line, it was titled with the name Diane, so I assumed a member from allnurses was sending me an email. So I replied back to s/he and sent this:

    Hello Ms. Diane,I am replying back to you.

    In a few days, I received this letter:

    Hello, my dearest , foremost, please accept my heart full of love and caring . Please permit me to introduce myself better . I'm Ms. Diane Zadi ,19 years old girl from Cote d'Ivoire , daughter to late Bernard Zadi Zaourou,he was a politician and one time minister of culture in my country. He died on March 20, 2012 . And my biological mother died some 4 years ago .

    I pray you to put aside xenophobia, tribalism, regionalism and racism . I need your assistance , my father secretly deposited the sum of US$3,600,000.00 ( Three million and six hundred thousand dollars ) in one of the leading banks ,in custody of my name as the next of kin. I therefore write that you partner with me over the transfer of this fund to your account and it's investment . After the fund is transferred to your account , I will then join you there .It is my intention to compensate you with 15% of the total money.

    Before I proceed, please permit me to say I followed my intuition in chosen you amongst the multitude, this forms the basis of my confidence in you . I never get misled whenever I followed my intuitive directive .In my next message I will tell you more about my present condition ,the reason I want to have this fund transferred to your position , and why I wish to migrate to your country.

    As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately . Please do keep this secret only to yourself ,I beg you not to disclose it to a third party till I come over, once the fund has been transferred into your account. I hope my explanation is very clear but if you need further clarification, then send in your question(s) . I have attached scanned copy of my picture and I look forward to have yours.

    My regards

    I also took the liberty to google s/he, and I found out that other social media websites have also been infested with s/he spam. In addition to all this, s/he was also listed at This confirmed my suspicions about s/he. I hope everybody can learn from my situation and not post any emails or important information publicly.

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    My case may not be helpful to you, but I have ignored jury duty for up to 3 times; I have ignored them for up to 3 years. After the 3rd time, they warned me and told me if I did not serve I would be charged a fine and sent to jail. After that, I decided to contact the jury service 800 number and they put me in the computer system so they can draw my name from the computerized system to notify me to serve. In 6 months, I got the notification and decided to follow up with their demands... lol. I hope I am making sense. So, what I am basically saying is you can choose to ignore them for a certain period and they will not do anything except warn you to serve.

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    Many students and members on all nurses had diffficulty with the science section.


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    I wish I can answer your question to the best of my ability, but I can not remember what was on the ACT/SAT. I do remember when I took the TEAS, there was a Science Section, Math, Reading Comprehension, and Grammar Language/Usage. All the topics covered are basic high school grasp of concepts. The only section that is not thoroughly covered on the ATI TEAS study guide is the science section. Many students and members on all nurses had diffficulty with the nursing section. All you need to do is to focus on studying for 1-2 weeks. If you have been away from school for sometime, you might need more time.

    Just buy this book, the TEAS V Study manual from here: Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Package

    You can choose to also buy the online practice test to help you to see how the test will be displayed and to view the rationale to questions.

    I suggest you look at this link to help you to understand the format of the test:

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    Everything you need to know about the TEAS format is right here. It is a test that is required before you enter nursing school--->

    The SAT/ACT is a test you take before you enter college. To find out more information about it you can google it!

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    Hello everybody,

    I wanted to ask would it matter if I buy NANDA and my school requires me to by a Nursing Diagnosis book by Ackley, 9th edition? The reason why I want to invest in NANDA is because it is highly praised on allnurses. I know that any book that has received much acclamation, is worth getting. Do you think it matters what nursing diagnosis book I get, or should I just stick to the schools' requirement? Thank You

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    Quote from Wild Irish LPN
    My oldest boy has a birthday on 7/21....he begged to go to the midnight premiere with his younger brother and myself (not at that theatre mind you)....I thought that would be awesome to do with your dad, seeing our favorite super hero at IMAX and at midnight on your birthday is pretty cool.....we didn't go and have opted for Saturday....all of that is so meaningless really.....what we have lost, yet again, is our security and safety....a life is a life, young or old....and the fact that children were there shouldnt alarm anyone, whether they agree with the decision or not.....and for what it is worth, I am betting this man will be found to be profoundly mentally ill, a sane and stable person could never carry this out if they were in their he thought he was the Joker....this went down in that characters style, watch the last Dark Knight movie.....the actions were very, that sucks too....blessings to all of us.
    His exact words to the police were," I am the Joker."

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    Congrats!!! I am so happy for you

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    It depends on the school in which you intend to apply.

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