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  1. I just finished my patho class this summer and I will say no matter who you take it will be a challenge. Use the advice you...
    Aug 17 '13
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  2. I was actually interested in this program as well. I called and was told by an advisor that next fall will be their first...
    Oct 28 '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  3. Has anyone received a(n) acceptance/rejection letter from Baptist yet?
    Aug 18 '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  4. Congrats on getting into the program!! How did you receive your letter? Did it come registered or regular mail?
    Jul 30 '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  5. No news here either. I thought all the waiting would be over by now. Oh well???
    Jun 11 '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  6. Still no news on the wait list but I guess no news is good news. We still have a chance. Has anybody else heard anything?
    Jun 5 '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  7. Nothing yet. Final decisions will be made by June 9th. Hopefully they will have spaces for the both of us!
    Jun 2 '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing
  8. Good morning everybody. I was waitlisted too. Does anyone know exactly what this means and if I'm not selected this...
    May 23 '12
    Forum: Tennessee Nursing

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