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  • Oct 14 '12

    Not your fault. It was HER patient. If she noticed the call light, then she should have answered it and taken care of it! Especially if it was going for 10 minutes. She knew it was going off, but chose to ignore it. What if her patient had a real emergency? Fault would have been on her, if there was a poor outcome from ignoring the call light.

    You were doing your job. She was out of line both for berating you in the first place and in public. Mention it to the charge nurse if it happens again.

  • Jul 26 '12

    I would've cried too if I was accepted into 3 schools! Wow! I hope you saved all your acceptance letters! You can look back and remember all the good feelings that came over you when you received them! I also saved my letter from OHSU even though I wasn't offered a spot to remind me that I just have to work harder =P I give you lots credit for taking classes even before nursing school starts!! I decided to take on the hard job of doing absolutely nothing, no studying, nothing!

  • Jun 13 '12

    Thx Portland medic. I think I'm going to go with Pcc even though it's killing me. I want to go to np school eventually and can't imagine being 100k + in debt. It's just going to take me a lot longer to get there. At least I'll get to ohsu eventually. Good luck to you!

  • May 31 '12

    Hi everyone -

    I got my acceptance letter to CCC today I'm so thankful! I also got into PCC, so will be declining my spot there for those of you that are on the waiting list.

    To everyone else that got accepted into CCC - congrats!!! Can't wait to meet you all

  • May 26 '12

    I spoke with a current first year pcc student this week and am confused by some of the posts I've read here now. He said that no one from his class has left the program and just a few from the class ahead of him have left. I think someone earlier had said 30 people had dropped out? Anyway, he likes the program and, with the exception of a couple annoying teachers, feels really good about it. It made me feel better about going there this fall at any rate.