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    In reply to JZ_RN, what kind of terrible place did you work that lets their staff get beat to a pulp? Incredulous!

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    ok asystole rn of course, i agree that the tasks we perform at bedside are not the only thing that matters, however, the number of nurses who have issues with bo, crazy hair, nails etc are definitely a minority. i am very surprised by the comment 'the whole rolling down the top of the scrub pants until i can tell that you shaved today is not abnormal'. i have been an or nurse for almost 20 years and have never seen this. maybe i am lucky, but all my colleagues behave and present themselves very professionally, where i work anything else would not be tolerated by management.

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    I may be wrong, but OnlybyHisGrace seems to have some kind of personal vendetta against someone! I have not known any nurse who smells like they bath in cologne. Where I work all nurses are required to keep their hair off their collar and are not allowed to have any unnatural hair color. Not everyone wants to wear make up and should not be forced expected to. As for wearing scrubs that do not show your curves - get a life! nurses do not deliberately wear scrubs that are too small. Oh yes, how do you have so much time to spend concerning yourself with how your colleagues present themselves for work everyday? Real nurses spend their time on patient care.