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    I have not run across any strange baby names professionally, but in the third grade, I had PE with a girl named Velveeta. She was picked on a lot because of the name, but I found it interesting. That may be due to my love of all things cheesy. I also grew up with a girl named Tinker. I thought it was cute and fit her. I also had a cashier at the Kroger named Alibi. I have a common name, but it's spelled differently. There are two "f"s instead of a "ph". My name is pretty much spelled phonetically, but you'd think it was written in Sanskrit when people look at me funny and try to read it. I guess they don't realize that "ff" and "ph" make the same sound. Oh well.

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    My BSN program is 130-135 credit hours. The ADN program at the school near me requires 68 credit hours.

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    I've noticed that, too minnymi. Strange.