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  • Dec 4 '15

    Okay. I am not fired but I got reprimanded. It will stay in my file for TWO years! I was told that the profanity would have been a firing offense, however, it was not in a patient care area, and was not directed at any specific person. I was then told that I had made a malicious statement concerning a resident and their family member, which I did. I said, " I wish she would just die." At the time I was very angry and pretty throughly fed-up with the resident's whole family and her manipulation. I didn't really mean it. Point of fact, I went right back to trying to help them.

    So anyway, I have decided to quietly begin looking for a new place of employment. Hopefully something will come along that will be just what I need.

    Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive, I really appreciate it.