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  • Oct 20 '16

    Hey everyone!
    I am so excited. I passed my Exit hesi exam with a score of 1190 (99.7 conversion score). I was so shocked and happy.

    What I did was thousands of questions. We have a book that was given to us in the program where we had to do 2 sections every week. I did those questions on study mode first. The read the rationales for the questions I missed and bookmarked them. When I finished the questions, I redid the bookmarked questions. Then I did the same chapter in quiz mode.

    I also did this with another book- Saunders Comprehensive review for the NCLEX. I used this to get another viewpoint of questions. I loved this book and feel like it helped alot.

    I also downloaded a bunch of free apps on my iphone and did those questions when I was watching tv, feeding my baby, sitting in the car etc...

    We also had to do evolve Case studies which helped. I did the comprensive review the night before.

    I really think all this paid off and i learned a lot and got into the mode.

    I hope this helps!