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    Under the guise of "protecting the public" and "helping medical professionals" it's all about
    $$$$$$$$$...P testing is a billion dollar industry...everything else is moot.

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    I like the reasons the OP cited...I'll add...for the scrubs! Yay!

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    Sounds like you are simply a human your best to not be swayed by slogans and vague definitions of "recovery." Too much of that is passed around under the guise of some unique-life changing mumbo jumbo...if you truly do not want to ingest the "substances" that ruin your existence, then you won' your life and do what you must to regain who you must become...the "answer" is not found in any book...12 steps or platitude ridden "support"'s always been inside of you...

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    Perhaps it is a vast field where all of the overpriced medical supplies are grown??? Otherwise why would I ever waste my valuable life energy dwelling on anything so tepid?

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    Quote from martymoose
    must be nice. I end up signing my people off- and I always come back to hell breaking loose. Bleeding, falling, not toileted. I dont trust anyone to watch my people. they just dont do it.And Im still liable for those pt's outcomes. Its too stressfull.Plus even if I found someone I could trust, they are now watching 12 people on an intermediate stepdown floor. Not good.
    100% absolutely correct...I'd rather...and often straight through...let management figure it out! They are so "concerned" about cost??? Hire the correct amount of staff...moot...over...done...

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    Well...sadly since corporations now drive healthcare, and if we "must" use the standard customer service bull***...then the "customer" is NOT always right...simply any "retail" scenario, there is...always has been and always will be horrible people...corporate America cares very little for actual customer satisfaction...only profit...ONLY! We simply gave it all away hence we have reaped what we have sewn...welcome to the oligarchy.

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    All human beings are different...TREND all vitals...

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    Reality check...modern medical care...24/7/365...perpetual...forever ahead and as far back as you'll ever remember...shift hours are guidelines...accept The work...don't ever submit to management horse****...never work for free...and get that extra money!

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    Be VERY AWARE of the 12step-rehab industrial "The Sober Truth" statistics do not lie...unfortunately our system is beyond look at the amount of money generated by the "pee in a cup" industry under the guise of "public safety" tells the tale. Do what you must to keep your career if that is what you truly desire and try not to be a victim of the propaganda....good luck

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    Quote from gigi_bsn_rn
    I would provide care, but I will not participate in any procedure that goes against my beliefs, for instance abortion or sex change surgery.
    Really??? How about cardiac catheterization of 90 yr. old demented patients that are not making the decision...hmmm?

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    Hmmmm...this may be off topic: "In the created god(s)" How about a law ridding our human society of all religion? That would quickly end all the wasted life energy spent debating such horse s***. Those of us that would actually like to put our frontal lobes to some good use might then be able to...

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    Hmmm...if you were interested in facts...not fear, you "might"...just might realize that your interest may be better served taking limbo's gonna be hard getting under a bar set so low! At least with such a pitifully low cash flow you'll be able to keep buying the kool aid you seen to like...good luck!

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    I recently bought an electric can opener...

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    Too old??? Death...otherwise go for it!

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    Quote from billswife
    Which movie is it from??? I love Denzel Washington!!!
    American Gangster