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    Quote from hppygr8ful
    For those of you paying tons of cash for all the tests, therapists. rehab etc..... All of these are 100% deductible medical expenses on your income tax save those receipts

    This is false...check current law. Like many forced into 12 step fairy tail land...each person and scenario are "individual" please don't muddy the water any more with uninformed "cookie cutter" statements. Thx

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    Sounds reasonable to me! I'm flying under rhe radar...counting the check ins...P...and definately "put" my life on hold...its an endurance challenge at this stage! It's my choice not theirs and don't get me wrong...I'm living! Alive! Free! Why? Because I know the truth...onward.

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    Quote from Indiana RN
    I'm in Indiana and mine are free. I'm required to attend 12 NA and/or nurse support groups a month.
    and I can't believe they charge for a support group in some states!!! ridiculous!
    Well...lets see...our insurance companies (who actually dictates and controls "health" care) in this country continue to profit off of others misery...this model is simply ingrained in the psyche of all who participate...most would agree we actually practice "sick" care in this country...purely reactive vs. any semblance of proactivity. So why then are any of us surprised? A youngster I was in nursing school once proclaimed such shock when they realized our "health" insurance companies and associated entities are actually in the business if keeping us ill. Big money in misery...yippie

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    to other words any thinking person knows that "substance abuse disorder" is quackery of the highest order...people "cope" in an unlimited amount of ways...all personal and all individual...some "healthy" some not...the fact that a group of scum...bags...has capitalized monetarily on people's discomfort is simply the American healthcare model...

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    Quote from catsmeow1972
    I wish x1000 that more states legitimately distinguished between mental health and substance abuse participants. That can go so very far in terms of the nurse support groups actually being supportive (instead of like me, being the lone mental health participant in a room full of folks with substance use issues.) and in terms of this not feeling like punishment. When one is dealing with substance use disorder the goal (however you may get there) is a life in recovery. Correct? For those of us with mental health diagnoses, cramming the notion of ‘recovery' down our throats is demeaning and insulting. Bipolar or depression, etc are illnesses to be managed, not recover from.
    Sadly, there is too much about many of these programs (and the associated evaluators and treatment facilities) that is money driven. Substance abuse diagnoses are financially lucrative, mental health, not so much. When you have no ethics or concious about the lives you are ruining, that matters.
    Well...of course their is the "scientific" factor that there is most often an underlying mental health issue (most often unadressed...especially with the archaic and abhorrent current 'recovery' kool aide model of treatment) that is never here we are...since the current methodology is no better than stone age rhetoric I guess a Flintstones chewable couldn't hurt...

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    Quote from StillRN
    I've already been picked SEVEN times in a 2 week period. I was fuming!
    When you are a number on a ledger quotas more no needs to be balanced at the end of each quarter...I would never have thought my piss was worth so much!

  • 0 is completely about the the math...usually when I haven't been "chosen" to P "enough" times in a month (randomly according to contract of course) I am often hit with the "3 in a week" scenario...and yes it is totally abhorrent and yes it is completely without evidence etc...but please do not waste your time and life energy trying to get anything like assistance or compassion from any of these snake oil case will be met by the blank wordless stare of yet another 12 step automaton that in most cases refuses to do the basic math that shows this atrocity for what-as stated so eloquently above by my fellow posters-is.

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    Pretty much 99.999% Wednesday here...guess the .001 is "random"
    The only word that comes to mind is sickening

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    "random" Hah! That word makes me laugh out loud...according to Webster the alternate spelling of random is m o n e y....ludicrous

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    Quote from Maxdog1
    Hey guys
    This is kind of related to the topic of success rates....sooo...

    Just needed to vent for a minute to some people that understand. So I'm in my monitoring program since August 2016. The usual requirement here is to attend the nurse support group weekly for 1 year, and then get stepped down to every other week. So I was recently told that after speaking with my case manager, that my therapist cannot step me down to every other week, although my year of weekly is over. She says this is coming from my case manager, and all the case managers do it how ever they want. At this point in my recovery, I have a sponsor but I have been honest in group and have said that I only speak to her once a week at a meeting and I am not actively working the 12 steps. So I am told that this is the rationale behind not stepping me down to every other week group- because I don't speak to my sponsor often enough and I'm not working the steps. She said, well you know, all these people are dying out here, and we just don't want that to happen, and we want you to continue your recovery after monitoring is over, and we don't want to see you back here, blah blah blah. Basically saying the only way to not relapse was to have an active sponsor and work the steps.
    So I was pretty jacked when she told me this. First of all, I pay $25 out of pocket every week for this group. So that's $50 extra that I was planning on saving a month, which maybe isn't a lot to some people, but where I am currently working (and signed a 2 year contract), I am being called off once a week, so I'm only working 24hrs a week on average. So that $50 would help. 2nd, it's pretty discouraging when I have done every single thing asked of me and required of me per this program. So for them to suddenly say, oh yeah you're doing okay, buttt sorry, not good kind of a kick in the junk. Like, you're telling me my recovery and progress aren't good enough for you? Screw you people, my life is better than it's ever been. And my life is already controlled in almost all aspects by your monitoring program, and now you want to "order" me to work the steps? Just kinda seems like bull crap to me at this point. So now I have to either get a new sponsor or talk more to my current one, and work on the 12 steps...or I'm stuck indefinitely attending my Nurses group every week.
    Anyway, pretty trivial stuff, I know. Just had me feeling some kinda way and needed to put it out there. pavlovs dog they have been conditioned to believe by the 1 odd percent anecdotal "success" they somehow attribute to the musings of a delusional drunk with a w in his name some sort of superior "cure" the game to keep your career and then be shut of them...never forget: "That which can be proclaimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence" My "internal" sanity will never be disrupted by the absolute abhorrent hypocrisy I must endure...endurance is key...spite fuels me and if you must "work the steps" remember its nothing more than an utterly ridiculous placebo for the massess...Personally I'd love to see the Dr. Seuss least they would have merit beyond a cheap fairy tail biblical plagerism...onward!

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    I was told that the word of my shrink...15 yrs Hx. was too..."subjective"....hmmmm...would the word of my cardiologist matter in a similar circumstance? Of course anything approaching evidence based scientific knowledge will be summarily discarded in place of a dung heap of psuedo religious mumbo jumbo and slogan speak based on the musings of a deranged detoxing socialite

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    Quote from bunsthataresticky
    But peths are a 3 week look back. Right? So why on earth, how on earth, could they justify two in one month?
    You are looking for logic...they only...I say again...ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY...P is big money!!! One only needs look as far as them touting the "big book" of aa mumbo jumbo as science...c'mon...logic???

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    Quote from NOADLS
    The magnet status attracts money, but repels employees.
    Indeed! My hospital is moving in that direction as fast as possible and mostly...morale is being destroyed...managers forced out...staff cut even more...specialists paid obscene amounts of money to "fix" imagined "problems"...all to "look good" in the eyes of the donors.

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    Quote from 3ringnursing
    I used to be passively aggressive in the only way meek, repentant, chastised and exposed drug addict me could: on the days my color was "randomly" called I'd eat a can of cream of asparagus soup for breakfast.

    By midmorning when I arrived to drop my body had had plenty of time to convert asparagusic acid enzymes into that nasty smelling sulfur containing chemical and get reeeeeeeeal stinky. I'd hand over my urine with a sweet, ladylike smile. Enjoy.
    Too bad its not a random poop

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    Quote from StillRN
    Be grateful you can check at midnight and have to entire day to test. We have to time our check-in's very carefully as we only get 5 hours from the minute of check-in to test and most places are only open 7-8am - 4-5pm. If we are late to a test (even minutes) we get time added to our "sentence"!

    I've had many embarrassing moments while testing... i get nervous i wont be able to go... then the nerves activate everything else! Sucks!!
    Thanks for the perspective