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    Sadly this does not "seem" the place to deliberate the absurd hypocrisy surrounding marijuana use/laws/morality etc...personally...I would much rather work with somebody that smokes a little weed than a drinker or even a cigarette smoker for that matter...also...ever seen a person "jonsing" for a cigarette...again the unabashed hypocrisy of our society is mind boggling...then again alcohol and cigarettes being legal and absolutely doing nothing but killing people keeps me in a good cardiac job

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    Mind your own business

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    Interesting observation this OP would have made if it did not seem so limited in its scope. Having come from a world of construction workers and having witnessed some of the most gracious, calm...grammatically correct and professional people in that world nothing I've ever seen even in the most intense Hospital ED... Critical Care Unit excetera excetera ...basically everything that was mentioned above has ever crossed my mind as being "too much" or "unbearable". Seems like a thick skin needs to be grown here...the reality is having been around the block a few times that I have seen poor decorum poor grammar excetera in every Walk of Life I don't care what color your collar is blue white purple brown...(sorry for any grammatical mishaps im attempting a hybrid talk text)😁

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    Quote from Scottishtape
    Had a patient roll into PCU with a red toe. That was it. No other hx. A red toe, in a PCU bed.

    MRI done, nothing. Blood cultures, clear. Pt requested to have the toe amputated....AND THEY DID.

    She was on the unit for like a week.

    Most ridiculous thing I've seen in 12 years.
    Hmmmmm...incurable gout perhaps???

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    1 page...bam! Done! Resumes are actually rediculous formalities these days...I say that with much experience from both sides of the coin...make it exciting!

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    BSN from the get go...avoid the so called "bridge" programs...

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    Quote from Libby1987
    To both poster quoted and everyone else directing criticism to the employers..

    This is the society we live in, one full of hypocrisy. When the majority of society decides marijuana use is acceptable and testing parameters are established then employers can follow suit. But when society as a whole votes marijuana as illegal, there's too much liability. That's not on the govt or the employer, iit's on most of everyone we share this country with.

    Take it up with your friends and family, unless 100% of them support legal recreational and medicinal use and positive pre employment screens at the polls.
    I am absolutely directing this at "society" corporate employers are merely extensions of that hypocrisy...thanks for taking notice...we all know once corporate america starts making profit then all the "idealogy" and "moral" outrage toward marijuana will simply cease to exist...doubtful in my lifetime...we shall see

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    Quote from Sour Lemon
    I've never known a hospital (or other nurse employer) that didn't drug test as a condition of employment and require consent for random drug testing on top of that. And yes, you will be fired if you test positive ...not to mention probably reported to the BON. Marijuana use and nursing are not compatible for individuals who wish to stay licensed and employed.
    Yes...and yet sadly alcohol is somehow "acceptable"...the hypocrisy is sickening in this country...I'd much rather work with a person that uses marijuana now and then. Oh tells us absolutely zero deaths can be cobtributed to marijuana usage yet...hmmmm...lets see...I work cardiac...I'd say 99% of my patients drink and/or smoke cigarettes...ah yes...the grand scheme with Sessions and the rest of the lunatics is now coming to fruition...

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    I use and enjoy my PTO...

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    Pretty darn good! 👍

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    Unless you are really seems to be the same in most states...these programs are based on the junk science "ideal" that 2 years of testing is some "magic" number that prevents....wait for it..."relapse"

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    My girlfriend...who is an RN...sure does!

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    Hmmmm...where I work its very simple...its called PTO...I earn it...I use it whenever I need too...I do not...nor will I ever give a is my right...yes-workers rights still actually exist in some places-It gets really old really fast hearing all the stories of people that..."havent called out in years"...that "sacrifice so much for their coworkers working short staffed" etc..yippie for them. Sadly that type of mentality only bolsters management mistreatment of workers...shortstaffing is a management issue that in my opinion causes the burnout that in most cases turns into further call outs...

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    Arrive early...sit in car...write

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    Quote from catsmeow1972
    Ok, for starters, my initial post was not bellyaching about the drug screen costs etc. It was just a question posed out of curiosity. The bit about being called 4 times in the space of one week was perfectly justified. What exactly does anyone expect to change in say 24-48 hours?
    Sorry, i don't consider this crap to be a "gift." It is no gift to lose my entire savings, be run through the mill of a farce of treatment for a problem i don't have and to have the problems i do have be completely ignored.
    I have had occurrences where certain individuals associated with this program have straight up lied, screamed at me and caused a fantastic job offer to go down in flames. So yes, i have every reason to be disgusted. I long ago resigned myself to having to do this garbage but I will never, ever consider it to be any kind of gift. or consider it to have done anything positive for my mental health or my career.
    If you are grateful for this, than by all means, be so. i don't know your situation and you don't know mine, but know this...I will come out of this a better, stronger person and nurse but it will be no thanks to this experience. Yes, my disgust still stands. Disgust and resentment are not synonyms.
    Well said!!! Personally I am DONE hearing/reading all the forced platitudes...jargons and slogan cons inherent in a psuedo-religious based "program". And yes by that I mean the junk science perpetrated by the 12 steps...onward!