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    Up at 430 a.m.

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    Like medical diagnosis the 'issue" is multi-faceted...what works for one may not for why not reign in the rhetoric? The rampant hypocrisy does exist and does ruin people's lives.

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    Its 100% up to the "corporation" to "staff adequately"...I know...its almost as if those words have zero meaning in our current (for-profit) climate...if I can (and I do because I live in america and I need money) pick up extra I do...if I cannot then it certainly is not my problem...ride the HCAPS till they crumble!!! Good luck.

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    There is a very funny "old" Saturday Night Live episode where a guy keeps leaving a burning bag of crap outside another guys door and he is always opening the door in dismay...only to stamp out a giant bag full O' poop! My fantasy is to really leave my "handlers" a **** sample (they've gotten enough of my urine) on their front door (a nice big P cup full) and let them see what its like waking up every day to a ****** reality...

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    Where I live and work that (BSN) does not make much of a difference. Although, I did get it in the name of "future job security" and I like continuing my education so it bolsters that ideal...once I actually get the physical piece of paper I'm going to put it in a nice frame

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    Personally, all that I put in my body (liquids) is H2O, seltzer H2O (avoid all tonics), coffee and almond milk. Why chance any of it? I certainly wouldn't trust any case manager involved in any of these scenarios...they do not have your best interest at heart.

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    Cynical or (most likely) now will become a number that will spend thousands of dollars to P in a cup as you enrich the for profit P/Rehab industrial complex based on psuedo religious junk science all in the name of "protecting the public." You will (most likely) do this and endure the illogical disruption of your human dignity because you worked so hard for your license...good luck.

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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    There is an oft-quoted study done on alcoholics that puts the relapse rate at less than 15% after 5 years of sobriety. Relapse at 2 years of sobriety is 40%. I assume that's why so many of these programs run for 5 years.
    "That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence..."

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    Its really not that complicated...ready..."no"

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    Consider: "Kafka"

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    Hmmm...this begs of one of the best Don Draper lines...when questioned why he never acknowledged or "pats" his employee on the back or even thanks them...he says..rather gruffly: "THATS WHAT THE MONEY IS FOR" as in...quit your your job...its America...capitalism...who cares about "recognition" your employer certainly does not.

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    Ahhhh...yes...religion...the scourge of any logical explanation...good luck

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    Thx. op...sounds like the latest BS at my hospital...goes part n parcel with: " we dont have any money and its all your fault" . I've worked jobs in several different professions...nothing new here...corporate america treating human beings like excrement...go figure!

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    As I've posted before...usually I like to be adressed by my name...of course....smitty werbenmanjensen also works as well as a "walt whitman" ...