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    Hopefully someone can help me with an answer because the BON has given me 3 different answers AND I ve lost a lot of money.

    I am a retired RN. My license was last renewed in 2013. Before that I was a CNA ( last in 2009). I was only a RN for a few years before I had to stop due to a severe injury. Im now OK again to start working and obviously I need to attend RN rfresher courses.

    I contacted the BON about what I needed to do in order to renew my CNA so I could at least get some practice work in before I go back to RN refresher.

    First person told me I had to *maybe* attend 20 hrs of CNA refresher..but she wasn't sure so she sent me to person #2 ( this is all via email).

    Person #2 told me all I had to do was fill out the paper CNA renewal application ( she mailed it to me), get fingerprinted, and send in a copy of my official transcripts from when I graduated RN school in 2007. I asked her if this was true being I have not been licensed as a CNA since 2009 or a RN since 2013. She states YES. So,I did all of this. Fingerprints + application fee+ transcripts fee cost me over $100.

    Then I get the application back in the mail MINUS the $40 non-refundable application fee telling me I cannot work as a CNA because my RN is expired? NO KIDDING.

    So, sigh, I emailed lady#2 back and asked her what was going on..I did everything she told me to do. She forwards me to lady #3

    Lady #3 tells me I CANNOT work as a CNA while I attend RN refresher courses. I'm not even enrolled yet!

    I can't get ANYONE on the phone. I am 82 miles from the BON offices.
    Does anyone here have any idea what the actual truth is?
    I'm so confused and out over $100.

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    Thank you everyone. I appreciate the responses.

    I will continue to plug away. I do have some time restraints because we only have one car. So I HAVE to work nights or weekends...but I will keep the faith as you all have given me some hope....and...

    I actually DID get a phone call back today!! For a pediatric in home care weekend job for a 2 yr old w/ a G tube, Bi-pap, and AB monitor...all this I know well from my NICU experience. Now I just need to line up a babysitter so i can schedule the interview. The lady was super nice and told me just to get back to her by Friday as to when I can come in next week. Its PRN to start but hey Ill take anything!

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    Sigh. It hurts to type this because I am a massive head case right about now.

    Ok here goes

    I graduated RN school in 2007. Top student in my class. I had many, many job offers and decided to go into NICU at a large hospital. I lasted 18 months. 4 of those months I was out with C. Diff which did a whopper on my colon. When I came back I didn't have the strength to keep up with FT so I went to PT ( nights). This worked much better. However, because of the damage to my colon I kept having issues and missed a lot of work. Eventually it was quite evident to me that 90% of the RN's on my unit were sick of me and my absences although I had the time to cover them. So, I started to look for a job that was better for me. My doctor recommended day shift. The hospital didn't have any day shifts open that would allow me to transfer to so I found another job working in a Dr's office.

    Worked at the Dr's office for 3 weeks shy of a year. LOVED it. It was the best job in the whole world, really. Great staff, great pay, great environment, you name it. About 6 months in my older son started to have serious issues at school/truancy and I had to take time off I swear every time the phone rang in my office it was his school telling me I had to come get him. I got written up..twice. Then I got pregnant and 12 weeks into the pregnancy I was dilating, had to have a cerclage, my BP was over the roof ( 200/150's) I was placed on bedrest I also had hyperemesis gravidarum and had to have in home infusions until I was 22 weeks. I was out on ST disability and when I finally gave birth (33 weeks) my job had already been given away.

    I was told I could apply for any other position in the company but I had a preemie with massive feeding issues, severe GERD, etc and decided it would be best for him if I stayed home and took care of him. So, I put my RN career on the back burner to be an at home mom to him.

    He is now 15 months old and has outgrown his problems. For the last 3 months I have been job searching NON stop ..resumes galore have gone out and I havent so much as had a call back. I know my career has been pretty much pigeon holed into NICU/OBGYN ( that was the dr's office) so women/babies. I can't seem to get ANY ONE to give me a try breaking into new areas. It also doesn't help that I now have been out of work since I went out of disability in 2010 NOR does it help that the last job has probably told anyone who called that I had an attendance issue for awhile.

    Am I just doomed? I even applied for a newborn nursery position and was told I didnt have the right experience..when I have 18 months NICU. I have applied for LT care..which normally is desperate and NADA

    I feel hopeless. We desperately need me to work and RN pay is what I need...but at this point I feel I am just fooling myself here and that I should just give up.

    Any advice? I know I had a rocky career with being sick, attendance for awhile, then just flat out on disability

    Sigh. Am I just kidding myself here with continuing to try?