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    Codes were started many years ago for SUDDEN UNEXPECTED DEATH and in my opinion should remain so. We have gone from one extreme to another-- not all for the good of our patients/ residents.

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    I live in Canada and would have to look up Standards of Practice for each province and they may be different regarding this issue. Then each facility may approve or not approve nurses debriding burn wounds. And if there is no specific documentation as to whether this may or may not be done--it would be the nurses own respnsibility dependant upon knowledge , skill and ability of the induvidual nurse. Some nurses may have extensive experience in this area and others may have none and should not be taking this on without supervision/ guidance as in rural areas where actual supervision may not be possible.

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    Hi RN Chaos You are the kind of nurse that we need !!!! caring and conscientious--just learn from this experience. There will be many more such experiences during your nursing career-- just learn and dont beat yourself up over these incidents that do occur in nursing practice. I have been an RN for 48 years and even now occassionally have similiar experiences-- usually caused by distractions!!!
    Chin up-- you will be great!!!!!!

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    I believe that it is an individual decision-- some people love nights and others dont--- I think that you will have to try it for yourself to see what happens with your home life and if you like being awake all night and which work load suits you best.

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    I think that "working together and how to ask for or where to get help" are two areas that could be used to start a discussion. Very basic however sometimes difficult to do as a new staff member in any area.

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    FORTHELOVEOF LTC needs nurses like you!!!!

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    I treat and care for everyone the way that I want someone to care for and speak to me-- the elderly deserve our respect!!!! and mostly we need to remember that many of them cant help themselves or explain their actions --so they need US to care for and protect them !!!!!

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    I am Canadian however your comments apply to my experience too. I worked in acute care for over 40 years and have to admit that I really never thought about how nursing in LTC could have many challenges. I then went to LTC to do a leave of absence for someone and discovered that LTC nursing presents many different/ difficult challenges-- the issues with these residents are frequently very complex and require in depth assessment frequently due to communications problems-- I.E. stroke or dementia patients or no family to help with information.
    These residents have contributed so much to our society . We need to provide quality care to these patients/residents by at least keeping them clean, comfortable and content--- it may soon be me in that bed!!!! It really is a great place to start out a career as every assessment skill will be utilized in this area of nursing.
    Hopefully we can change the image of nursing in LTC facilities through sites like this!!!
    I am now back in ER for a short stint!!

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    Quote from Isitpossible
    Hello all, New grad in LTC... each night after work I go home and try to re-arrange my schedule in an effort to complete all the things that need to be done in an 8 hour period. I feel like it's just not working, no matter how hard I try.

    My facility does not like to pay overtime, so I feel pressured to leave on time, whether or not I document everything I completed on my shift. When I get to work each day, I'm literally busy every moment, and NOT taking lunch is not an option for me!! How you seasoned nurses in LTC get it all done in a mere 8 hours?

    I do understand your problem. I have been a nurse for over 40 years and have worked in LTC for the last 5 with years of experience in acute care, and several as a nursing professor at at commuity college. I believe that the problem in completing your work on time particularly in LTC is the numerous distractions.

    Just a few suggestions-:
    write a list of what absolutley has to be done on that shift and what could wait until the next shift or your next shift.

    delegate some of your tasks if possible

    go to a quiet area to complete charts or documents or reorganize your list

    make rounds so you are on top of the resident needs ahead of time so you dont have unexpected interruptions

    get family involvement

    try to work as a team if possible-- it sure beats trying to do everything by yourself and is less exhausting physically and emotionally!!!!

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    Take some courses like ACLS ATLS or TNCC to show that you are interested in this specialty.

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    Barbara-- You are right on-- that nursing in Long Term Care is a specialty of its own and requires special assessment skills and understanding. I worked in acute care for over 40 years before going to LTC. Hospital nurses do not understand the issues that revolve around LTC residents, their families and their rights . I remember working in an emergency dept and not realizing why the RN had sent someone from a LTC facility to emergency unil I worked in LTC myself. On several occasions in LTC I had to phone ER to explain why I was sending my resident and most of the time it was because the family requested this move. Education in this area would be very helpful for those working in acute care as I too remember wondering " What are they doing sending this resident to us in ER?"
    Yes, -- a speciality of its own!!!!!

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    Hi__ I think that you did very well and did all that you could. I have been a nurse for 47 years and death is still difficult-- usually because of pain or family that are left behind to grieve. At this stage of my own life -- death is just part of a life-- it comes to all of us-- so I dont consider death an enemy in any way ( certainly showing my age). iT really makes a difference in what kind of a facility you are employed -- like emergency always had some very tragic expericenes but in LTC or hospice death frequently is a relief for the resident and the family-- because they are frequently prepared for their final voyage. Keep up the good work-- I love to hear from all of the new nurses.
    PS --I still work and love every minute of it!!!

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    go for a walk or a run if possible

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    Hi just divide the topics into small parts so that it isnt so overwhelming-- write a plan of what needs to be reviewed and a time frame to study these topics--- have been a nurse for more than 40 years and am still working and studing for certification exams and loving every minute of it! Good Luck -- you will be fine!!!

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    sense of humour-- especially being able to laugh at yourself!!