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    I applied, now the waiting game begins.

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    Yay another person! I am not in the usual pre-nursing classes this semester and none of my friends have gotten in so I dont know any of my classmates. I have all of my things gathered for the background check just haven't ponied up the money, got all of my scrubs online over black friday need to have them embroidered this week though. Registering was a pain! I thought I had it all planned out then tried to add things and broncoweb would reject some, which meant you had to start all over ugh. Today it was finalized though they fixed that problem with NURS 233, woop woop I only have class Tues-Friday.
    See you soon!

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    Woop Woop! The biggest academic hurdle I have faced in the last 3 years of school is over, I was accepted at BSU for Spring 2013. Now for some questions, I know that a few members here are finishing up their 4th semester and a few beyond that as well. If there are any other Spring 2013 Accepted for BSU I would love to know, I have only met a few on campus.
    How was you first semester? I know the classes we need to take, but how heavy is the material, how are labs and clinicals, professors?
    Books do you really need that 250 packet (for one class) from the bookstore or can you break it down into a few essential items (the other books are a reasonable prices on amazon so i'll be buying all of those)?
    Also are you carrying a lot of your books everyday, I may look into a new bookbag if so?
    Any other comments or suggestions are always great!
    It is such a crazy feeling being so excited and nervous but still having to buckle down for 2 weeks to wrap up the semester.
    Thanks everyone

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    Have you got your letter most everyone else has? Mine came on Wednesday
    Turned in my letter of intent on Thursday

    Now I get to shop for things over Thanksgiving break so I can have them embroidered in time.
    So ridiculously excited and nervous!

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    Olga the last time I talked to her said 6-8 weeks after application, so that puts us at 6 weeks this week. She said they were expecting to wrap up in 7 weeks and mailed out that weekend, so next weekend is the hopeful time to start seeing things. It will either be a very joyous Thanksgiving or one of mourning.

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    So the freaking out has begun... Now only 5 more weeks to go!

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    I also need to print out class descriptions, thanks for reminding me!
    I am still working on my essay, I have a lot on my plate right now so I am juggling things quite a bit. I am done with the essay except my first question, which has been unusually difficult for me. I know nursing is what I want to do it is the embodiment of my passion, and reason for life. For some reason though I have a really hard time putting it into elegant words, that flow well and dont just sound like statements.
    Good luck to you, keep me updated on your progress!

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    Anyone else out there applying this October for Spring 2013 entry? Seems like a good idea to start a thread to give some support for each other for the crazy few months ahead. I know I am going to be a nervous wreck for a while, might as well not do it alone! I just wish they would post the application, and essay already so I can get things started already.

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    Yay Yay Yay!! Congrats to you both! I am sure I will be harassing you both about things when I start next spring!
    From what I heard you can order scrubs anywhere, you just need to have them attach the logo at one of those 3 places. They will be sending out information packets, and orientation things I assume in the next month or so.
    Pathophys I heard is not so tough, just a lot of material but who knows how that will pan out over the summer. Best of luck to the both of you, happy summer!

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    Congrats to Robyn! Best of luck to darklotus!!
    I am surprised your letter came so soon, I thought they had delayed them not to even be sent out until end of last week. I apply this fall I have spoken to Dark Lotus before I lost access to my previous account IDalove, just wondering what your application looked like (GPA etc).
    I was told to retake my Bio 228 because I had a B to bump me past the invisible 3.75 wall to guarantee admission (I am also a volunteer at St.Als, some other exp. as well), and I am set to take that this summer. I am just trying to get a picture of what this cohort looks like for the Fall 2012 entries. Since I guarantee I wont be able to get anything out of the nursing dept until its to late for me to back out of the 228 this summer!