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    Kaydensmom, I'm happy to hear that someone feels the same way. I too, get As in all my classes and am very organized and prepared for clinical. It seems no matter what I do I seem to get scatter brained during the day. Nurses will ask me questions I don't know the answer to and/or I'll do something stupid like forgetting to clamp/re clamp the IV tubing. I can't think on my feet, especially when I am nervous... which I always am in clinical. I feel like this will go away with repetition, but I worry it won't. I also feel like in clinical I'll make one silly mistake and my co assign nurse generally looses trust in me and doesn't let me do anything the rest of the day... which doesn't help me get practice or gain confidence.

    Esme, brain sheets help and I will for sure look at some of those. Thanks.

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    Alright, I'm about to start my senior practicum I'm nearly done with school but yet I still don't feel confident in my ability to be a nurse. Up until this point I've been telling myself that I'm sure everyone feels that way and that it would all come together once I started practicum and was actually working. A few weeks in clinical though, my co assign nurse and instructor brought it to my attention that they felt that I was lacking too. Apparently I have no confidence, I'm not sure how you are suppose to have confidence doing things you've never done before. Anyway, I had a long talk with them, my instructor passed in the course by a hair... but ever since, I just can't get back into the groove. I know I just need to knuckle down and work harder, but it's made me want to work less and just give up. I've worked so hard, spent so much money and time... and now I feel like I don't even want to be a nurse anymore. This was my dream and after TWO years of school and coming close to graduation...I should feel better.

    Any suggestions... anybody else feel this way.

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    I'm a nursing student, just starting my rotation on Ortho. I'm having trouble understanding why this drug, Tranexamic Acid, is used so much on the unit. From my understanding it helps the normal clotting process, preventing excess bleeding after surgery. My question is? Wouldn't it then increase your risk for DVT? Any thoughts? How would you explain to a patient what the purpose of the medication is? My co assign nurse was having problems really finding a way to put it in laymans terms.

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    I'm getting ready to graduate in Dec. and am thinking of making a life change and moving. Not only am I ready for a change in scenary. (I've been living in the same town for most of my life) but the nursing field in my area is very saturated. I know that there are other areas of the country where new grad jobs are more prevelant. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Thanks for your reply
    It's nice to have the opinion of someone who has been there and recently none the less. I do think it would give me a decent "in" into that area of nursing. Thus far that is the area that I have enjoyed far more than med/surg, adult care. I'm going to let it sit for awhile over my break, but I'm leaning more and more towards working in that field of nursing.

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    Hi There,
    I am a nursing student, who wil be graduating in Dec. I loved working in the NICU during my clinical experience and am considering going into this area of nursing. My last semester of school, I will be doing a preceptorship. My thought was to try to find one working in the NICU, however I don't want to "pigeon hole" myself. I know that as a new grad it may be easier to find a job working with adults and I fear doing my preceptoship caring for infants could limit my opportunities to work in other areas of the hospital as well. What are your thoughts? opinions? what do you like/dislike about working in this field? Did you work in other areas of the hopsital previously?

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    Although I know people who don't mind the cheap stethoscopes, I personally hate them. It's easier to learn it you can actually hear lung sounds/heart sounds ect. I'd spend $75-$100 on a good one. I have an ADC(American Diagnostic Corporation) stethoscope which works wonderful and came with a life time warranty.

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    Getting ready to sign up for our preceptorship, and I have NO idea what to try for. In our clinical rotations I really LOVED transition nursery(they may have different wording for this at different hospitals)/NICU but I also think it would benefit me to gain some more "general" type experience. I also enjoyed working in the ER, but I don't feel like I'm quick on my feet or even very comfortable yet in that setting. The ER would be a good way to gain a ton of different kinds of experience. I am the type of person that needs to do things over and over again to gain comfort and confidence and I'm hoping that my preceptorship will supply this. Any thoughts ideas? What are you all planning on doing for this?