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    I agree totally! I see the elitist attitude from new grads and it makes me crazy. There is always something to learn no matter how long someone has been a nurse. I know becoming a nurse is a huge achievement but I pride myself in learning something new all the time. Confidence is one thing but arrogance is obnoxious.

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    Charting with a 20 year old computer system and not having any organization in the hospital for finding resources.

    Also - feet are so gross.
    Trying to teach patients that I know will be noncompliant the minute they leave the hospital.

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    I agree whole heartedly with your assessment. I have been saying exactly the same thing to my husband for several months. The experienced nurses are quitting and new grads are being hired. It is scary! I have only been a nurse for 4+ years and rely on the experience of my coworkers. Now we have arrogant new grads. The outcome is that patients are going to die. Administration doesn't care and it is a very unsafe environment for patients. This is exactly why I am quitting and moving to a small non-profit hospital. I am done.

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    Hi fellow Nurses!

    I am a fairly new grad (December 2010) who has worked PRN psych for a year. One position at a psych hospital with medically cleared patients and another at a hospital on a geri psych floor, involving medical needs as well. After trying for a year to get an interview on the Trauma Unit where I did my practicum, I finally have an interview next week. What kind of questions should I expect at an interview for this type of position? I know that I will need my critical thinking skills and a lot of energy for this unit, as well as good organizational skills and compassion. If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate the input. I have waited so long for this interview I want to make a good impression. Thank you!