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  • Apr 10 '17

    Cstatic - your post stated you didn't think people were perhaps getting the information they need about 'appropriate' dressing for different circumstances.

    I think that although there may truly be exceptions as you mention; the majority of people do receive this sort of information - if not through family or friends, throughout their high school years, media...somewhere.

    I think most of the ones who don't follow the general guidelines on interviewing, dis it. They believe they are their own special lil flower. Nods, we are all.

    But, when you are competing for a job - the playing field is leveled in a myriad of ways. First impressions, being able to handle the interview aside from a reasonable amount of nervousness, dealing with the interviewers' personal or subjective opinions etc is part of what is measured along with your credentials.

    The other applicants being considered for this position at the same time as you most likely meet or exceed the credentials you have, or they wouldn't have made the cut either. You need to go 110% to be the one selected. These suggestions are ways for you to stand out in a positive way. Don't have to like it, and other posters in this thread aren't saying you do. They are trying to advise you that is how it works. It is what it is.