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  • Aug 1 '12

    I am just a lurking RN here (took NCLEX last year)... This thread is wonderfully helpful I wish I had had it when I was studying!!! Great idea! Good luck everyone! Some tips from me (no new knowledge, just tips):

    1. do NOT study day before test, take that time to relax!

    2. BREATHE!!!

    3. DO NOT take the test if you are not READY!!! (in CA I believe you can cancel/reschedule up to 24 hrs before test, if necessary, take advantage of this!)

    4. you graduated from nursing school, they gave you a great foundation to BUILD on, don't feel bad if you run upon TONS of stuff you never knew... This will happen every day when you are an RN!

    5. if you prepare properly and adequately, YOU WILL PASS!

    6. do not be ashamed if you do not pass on try #1, many great RNs didn't, and in 1, 2, 3, 10 years it won't matter you will still be an RN!!!

    CHEERS to you all... We need you out there on the floor helping us!!! Now get back to the books! :redpinkhe

  • Jul 30 '12

    Taking my exam in 2 days! I just keep doing questions and watching content videos =) not sure what else we can do!

  • Jul 29 '12

    I brought a few notes to look at before I went in to the testing center but I left them and my phone in my car. I only brought a water bottle, snack,( never used it) and my ATT, license in with me. I had a jacket too, but I didnt wear it when I took my exam. On the day of the exam, I didnt really do any studying, just looked over 1 page of notes I thought were important. I think you can take a break at any time but your clock will still keep running. There is a scheduled break at some point, I think its 2hours in. I opted to not take it and continue with my exam because I just wanted to get it over. It took me about 2 and a half hours to answer 85 questions. I got to the test center half hour early and I was surprised when they let me sign in and start right away. I didnt wait until my schedule time. Good Luck

  • Jul 13 '12

    I would definitely recommend NCSBN. I used the 3-week course from NCSBN, EXAM CRAM, ALLNURSES STUDY GUIDE and passed at 75 questions. Good Luck!!!