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    I did it. It's a good program and an amazing way to ease into nursing. I was taught by some great preceptors and had some really great hands on experiences. I was treated like a nurse, it was awesome. The pay doesn't hurt either. Downsides? Not great communication about the actual job status but that's something you can work around. I was offered a permanent job after graduation but I chose another direction. Don't regret my almost year there though, it was great!

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    We are opening a new unit and are super stoked to have it available to our laboring moms. We haven't started yet, so I'll have to let you know how it goes!

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    I've had 6 miscarriages. Every one was awful. I'm so sorry for your loss. I found message boards very helpful, lots of women going through the same kinds of things. Take care of yourself physically and take time to grieve emotionally. It takes more time than the physical part for sure. Hugs.

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    Wow! She's almost there! One day at a time, she'll be done before she knows it. Hang in there, it'll be worth it in the end!

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    I lasted a year in ICU. I'm working L &D now, hoping to heck that I'm not too jaded to still be a good nurse.

    I loved trauma/Icu, I hated the dying, especially the long, drawn out deaths. My last one was the day before I quit.

    It still haunts me. A young guy whose family wanted everything done, yet couldn't believe he was sick enough to come be by his side as he died on full support, drugs and ventilator. Ugh. Horrible. I didn't get a debriefing either. I had 6 withdrawal of cares during that year, never did have any thing to support me during those times. It's the nature of the beast I suppose.

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    Why not use an OG? That's what we do with intubated patients.

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    I've only been nursing about 2 years but I am an older Grad with lots of life experience! Totally would do it all again. I got married young, had my babies and stayed home with them! Finally finished school and couldn't be happier. I work in critical care and feel well paid, appreciated and definitely respected. I am amazed at the amount of nurses who continue to work in places where the opposite is true.

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    Colorado is a compact state, it allows for easier transition to and from other compact states. Not sure if Kentucky is included. DORA is the state BON, you can look it up online and get answers to your questions. Good luck!

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    Our expensive items are usually in the Omnicell, and therefore the patient gets charged when we pull it out under their name.

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    Learn about dka too, it's a big one we see. Learn the drugs, learn the vents, working with og/ng tubes, full assessments...

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    I did my senior capstone at night too. I only had one day of class a week so it wasn't too hard to work around that with my preceptors schedule. I did 12 shifts with her. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

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    We check q4 hours and reinfuse anything under 500 ml. Seems like a ton but really isn't. If it's greater than 500 then we usually stop feeds for a while and check to ensure they don't have other reasons for not digesting.

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    I didn't buy them or bought used, old editions. Never had a problem and saved a ton of money! Talk to some upper class men. My professors used their own power points and as long as I showed up and took good notes or printed the power points I was golden. Graduated with a 3.75 gpa!

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    I graduated a year ago at 36.5. I agree! Go for it.