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    I agree that MAs should NOT be referred to as "nurse" by ANYONE! As nurses we worked VERY hard to get through nursing school & pass the NCLEX. I am very concerned by unlicensed & often inexperienced MAs, CNAs, etc., giving information, advice &/or "education" to patients, clients, residents, guests (all names used to refer to people receiving health care) &/or their families.

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    Why not start with a 2-yr RN (ADN) program? If you move to Texas you can get your BSN through UT, or Texas Tech online in another year. I know many people say go with the BSN from the start, but with an ADN you can get into the field quickly & be working, thus gaining job experience, while getting the BSN. Texas still has plenty of openings for ADNs & even LVNs. I went to school at McLennan Community College in Waco, TX & they have LVN, RN (ADN) & BSN (through Texas Tech).

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    I was FIRED on Thursday! Yes, just 2 days ago! Its a mixture of relief & fear. Relief I don't have to deal with the ADON any longer, but fear for my finances. I have NO SAVINGS. I have had SO MUCH trouble with "Time Management" that I feel Nursing is the WORSE profession I could have picked!!! I wanted to help people, but I never have time for anything but "slinging" meds at folks & charting! I am 56, owe over $100,000 in Student Loans & have been a widow since 1991. I feel like I'll never have a car newer than 15 years old & in needed of numerous repairs or time & money to actually go on a little trip just to relax, I want to visit the MacDonald Observatory in the Davis Mtns of Texas (an 8 hour drive). My guts are always in a knot. I smile & try to stay positive for my sons (all adults, not at home) & my residents/Patients, but I really don't feel like I am doing anyone any good.

    I know I can get another job by next week, but I fear it'll just be the same circus. I need to find some part of nursing I can be successful in.

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    I am a 56-year-old LVN (Texas version of an LPN). I have been an LVN for 3 years now. I made A's in nursing school except in Clinicals I STRUGGLED with "Time Management" (I HATE those 2 words!!). I had to drop out of the RN program due to my struggles in Clinicals & took the LVN NCLEX & passed it on the 1st attempt with the minimum number of test questions, so I know the Book stuff, I always feel kind of frantic & like I'm in a race coming from behind when I am passsing meds or charting.

    I work in a LTC (Long Term Care/Nursing Home) & have 2 hours to pass meds (& do 8 bedtime Accu Checks & Insulins) to 35 residents (patients). Right now I am home, however, I worked a partial extra shift this afternoon/evening (2pm - 10pm shift, But only worked from 1645 until 2200) & it took me 4 hours just to pass the meds & do the insulins!! I did not have to chart Thank God! The on coming nurse is the sister of the ADON & I made her late getting started due to my running behind. My stomach knotted-up & still is. I feel like an incompetent failure. I try & try to get faster, but when I speed up I make errors, drop things & in general believe I appear even more scatter-brained & incompetent. Every week I get "talked to" about my time management & overtime. I haven't been to sleep since 2 am YESTERDAY Morning I am exhausted, but have trouble sleeping. I only had had 3 - 4 hours sleep before I woke-up at 2am & that in my recliner, not reclined though; I had finally fallen asleep after working my regular schedule of "Weekend Doubles" 2pm on Saturday thru 6am on Sunday, then home from about 4.5 hours of sleep, & back again at 2pm on Sunday until 6am on Monday.

    I have not been "officially" diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, but I KNOW that I fit the profile. I have no Insurance of any kind so to get a DX I'll have to pay out of pocket to get a true evaluation. When I get the official DX, I hope what ever TX is decided on helps with my time management, success at work, & the clutter in the house.