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    tragic-all the way around. we can wonder where were the siblings??? this daughter had obv. not made peace somewhere on the road with her mom and felt she could be the woman her mom raised. so sad...

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    this is pushing death with dignity-just a bit. double the execution med according to weight and be done with it.

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    having precepted many...more exhausting than a tough day if u take the responsibility seriously. i found that-depending on the school new nurses graduated-that their self-perceptions could be quite dif. taught to be leaders and the go-to people many do not have an interest on bed side and day to day events. i agree-being humble and taking notes and listen'g is the best advice to give any new grad.
    and...many preceptors are not ready themselves to precept and only u can answer that after u have been trained and of luck and fufillment.

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    incredible experience--may u always remember the power and skill u had and the power and skill god has. when i was getting my master's and had to take a course in death and dying, the instructor-a ph d herself--shared that there really is no known black and white reason for a sids baby. it was felt that the infants-who are truly just arriving from heaven-see their future before them and choose to go back to the other side.... bless u!

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    can u say privacy and hepa????

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    did vna for a few years and our daily quota was 7 pt.s..any more than that-and it was your choice-u got perdiem pay. 60 visits-sounds like an open door for confusion and errors. all u need is to arrive at one home and fine u have to make a few calls, pt sicker than the last visit or whatever and u will be on the road for 16 hours that day. what are your state minimums and max. for public health home care visits. good luck

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    as a past d.o.n for long term care facilities----c.n.a.'s are the backbone of each nurse and the facility and are under-appreciated. they are the best thank u

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    look at the nurse responses..then why do people think we are so thick skinned-how did that happen???

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    i cried as i read this-not only for this pt. and all of u, but, for my dad who was diagnosed and passed 4 months later. i cried because of my anger as a daughter and as a nurse. now on the other side of it-if possible-it has given me another layer of compassion that i never knew i had.

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    that is a tough question. though i am still not old enough to get my-even-early s.s. i do not think based on seeing the economy and the trend health care is going that nursing would be the right choice. realistically--our world is a tech world and that is where there is financial growth and value in education seems to be. then i am guilt ridden to say that about a profession that has given me soo much in skill,i have a bsn, experience and so on. i have mentored many a new nurse and love to share that love of nursing with them. for some reason i turn on when i am with a new nurse and glow about it i have tried to leave the profession a few times-actually took classes and got certifications and it have a sort of emptiness. i return to nursing. i would tell my daughter everything-from my view of negative and positive and then i would tell her to listen to her heart. be happy and go where your heart tells u to go.

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    busy work to pass class time-i wish had none of that in my bsn program. leadership think that is nonsense is nonsense. look beyond the class schedule and the cum. booster courses-get it into your head you will be a leader and if this hat doesn't become you-how do you feel about retail???

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    it is a profession that can hold life and death in it's hands, it is a profession that works with complicated equip., it is a profession that deals with the public more and more-from families to doc's, it is a profession that must be soooo legally savy in reporting, documenting and training-it has become a profession that must be educated and do all of the above and more with skill, articulation and compassion.

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    who is bringing u down???? a good nurse is a good nurse is a good nurse. a smile and soft touch is there to open the door. think better of u and then others will. fyi-if i had a drop dead gorgeous nurse taking care of me-i would be less comfortable...too much time in bathroom 'fixing' themselves up:0-over and over again. if u don't want to be in a hosp-how about an agency with private dute type of cases??please-think better of yourself and u have so much in sensitivity to share..i think u are one of the best

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    i was a school nurse in mass. alot of walking-to the play ground for falls-if little ones- up and down stairs. if multiple schools-in and our of car...think about that one. and in mass.-u must have a bsn and take mass dept of ed school nurse certification exams.
    i was in a mva and a few discs herniated now and developed fibromyalgia worked in one private school for 5 years and messed up my s.s. and i am out in the river without a paddle and going into a work at home job. some vna's have b.p. clinics where u go to one site and are there for a few hours-u may look into that. best of luck.

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    i was an lpn for a few years before i went for an rn. i went 18 months and to date-with a masters' and a bsn-the best program,teaching staff and hands on experience i ever had. the director of the program taught us on the first day that no matter what-nursing is an art in our fellow humans' heart-all people have salty tears, all people belong to someone and everyone experiences pain,
    is fearful and alone in that bed...always remember that and i always have.
    in management i was always thankful and happy to have my core of lpn's-my backbone thanks to all lpns