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    Almost one year later and I am still happy about my decision to join this program. I have become great friends with the poster Ready2BaRN. We are both doing well. I didn't realize I commented on this post as well a year ago. To those reading this do your research and if you find this school (campus) to be the right fit go ahead take a leap of faith. I have 9 months left. I can finally see the light.

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    My school used the Hesi entrance test. I did not take it with them because I took it with another school previously.

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    Don't give up. I haven't taken the NCLEX yet but, I know someone who took it 5 times as well. She passed on the 6th try. It must be frustrating, but I say be encourage. Delay does not mean denial. Hugs to you and keep studying. The fact that you have not given up means your a fighter and you want this. It will happen soon. Best of luck and God bless.

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    @wanttobern classes varies. Some NU Nursing classes are twice a week and others are one. Perquisites are once a week but, all of them are subject to change. Clinicals are done at Nursing Homes, Rehabilitation Centers and Critical Care is done at Memorial. Everything is working out for the best at ITT and I still like it. I hope you will too.

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    Congratulations and Good Luck. @Tprodgers as always it's always negative and positives to nursing schools you just have to make up your mind and do what is best for you.

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    Hi Amglover93,
    I attend Davie campus in Fort Lauderdale. Currently in Funds 2 getting ready for Med Surg. in the fall yeah..I plan on waiting a year to begin my BSN program. From there I plan to move up to MSN or DNP. I work already in a hospital that I love so I plan on staying there. In order to reach these goals I will continue to study hard and engage in resources that will help me pass the exit exams every quarter. A lot of students don't realize that its more to do besides the assignments on the syllabus. My cohort doesn't practice many rationales. I try to explain that part but they think I over do it. Any who my favorite books to help me succeed are Mary Ann Hogan reviews and Rationales and Success books Davis, Nugent and of course Saunders Nclex. This is my second nursing program and I'm doing so much better than my former college. Good luck in your classes.

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    Just dropping in and thought I would let anyone in the South Florida (Ft. Lauderdale) area know that, I am happy so far. I'm 4 weeks into the semester and I am doing great. Compared to the previous ADN program I was in. We use most of the same books my former community college uses. The instructors actually have time for you, and I leave the school feeling like I have learned something, and I can confidently ask for help. All smiles here.

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    Quote from dream61792
    If applications are low shouldn't that be a indicator that changes need to be made? If you look on other posts from other institutions in the south Florida area no one has as much negative comments as BC. I too have expressed and revealed my experience on here but I watch what I say because this is a public forum and you never know who is watching @Fearless_leader. You do not want what you say on here to hinder your chances of continuing your education at another institution.
    @dream61792 I agree with what you say up to here. "If applications are low shouldn't that be a indicator that changes need to be made? If you look on other posts from other institutions in the south Florida area no one has as much negative comments as BC. I too have expressed and revealed my experience on here".

    On the other hand If you can find anywhere in my post where I said something along the lines of "Beware don't go to BC or, I hate BC, etc. anything somewhere along the lines of me telling anyone no to don't go please copy and paste it. So I can see it because as I re-read the post I haven't seen it.

    Another thing is I am 1 of maybe 60 student in that cohort and 1 out 30 something that didn't move on therefore if anyone wants to ponder about who I am so be it. In all due respect @dream61792 this is a forum and I am aware of what I am saying. I am worried about my education, yes because believe it or not I have goals to finish my nursing program. Do I think my education will be hindered? No...

    One thing I have learned and know is "Money is the ruler of all evil". I'm not saying I am evil but I don't think any institution will turn me away because of allnurses. Besides it's nobody business if I am a member of all nurses unless I tell them. I am a person sitting behind a computer just like everyone else. If someone cares to sit and ponder about any member on here let them.

    @dream61792 we have had several conversations about BC and other topics, and I respect your opinion then and now.

    I have the right to stick to what I said. That is what makes us all unique.
    Thanks for begin concerned I appreciate it

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    Quote from MariposaLPN
    Again, if you frequent this thread as you say, you'd know I'm NOT a North student. I'm Central. 2nd, your disrespectful nature is possibly a reason you are no longer in BC. The post was meant to let you know that there ARE students who are afraid of this program and have withdrawn their application because of long shpiels like yours. I don't care if you do or don't apologize because in the end of the day, i know my intentions, which have been to help these future student nurses. It's one thing to share your experience, but another to blatantly scare some students. Maybe you can share some good experiences. Maybe tone down the attitude as well.

    I am a lioness at times, but your post had no optimism. Can a student get a perfect score? Yes. It has happened. Happened to me. Don't attack me because my statement was meant as a sort of "yellow light". Chill.

    Well look who at the pot who calling the kettle black. Attack you really. You said "Again, if you frequent this thread as you say, you'd know I'm NOT a North student". Why are you screaming at me I feel attacked. Not once did I apply my caps. I think you want to be a victim.

    "Maybe tone down the attitude as well" as much as you comment you should know that things may come off one way but a poster may not mean it in that manner. I'm not mad at all.

    Your statement about enrollment being low and students turning away is not on my shoulders. There are posts on many threads here about vaious schools do you think mine will be the last? Therefore you need to chill on that.

    Just because I made this statement does not mean I hate BC. If you you didn't fly off your rocker you would have read "[FONT=Thread-00003a40-Id-00000026]I don't want to discourage you but give you all the heads up" . "[FONT=Thread-00003a40-Id-00000029]Yes it hard and you have to give up a lot but it is all worth it".
    [FONT=Thread-00003a40-Id-0000002c]Learn from my mistakes. Unfortunately, my medical background really hurt me during my test. I would always over think the question that was being asked. Only answer what they ask. No more no less. I read every chapter that was assigned but I did more reading and I didn't study enough. Mistake 2. Mistake 3 I would second guess myself.

    It is ok to agree to disagree but your feelings are to deep in it. Do you have stock in BC? Hmm.. Maybe I should look into that.

    Lastly I will not continue to go on about this because I really stepped on your toes. Last thing I want to do is to have this thread shut down because of you thinking my opinion isn't warranted and I'm scarring the students on this board. I respect the other students more than to allow this to happen. I will continue to lurk though can't stop that. You have a Wonderful, Happy, Joyous, weekend and let the Powers of Broward College be with you.

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    @[FONT=Thread-000060d0-Id-000000f9][COLOR=#003366]MariposaLPN, LPN

    You just made me feel like your the Lioness of this board and I just tormented your cubs.

    Here we go. Ugh...

    Fear is just fear itself number one.

    Number 2 when I finished this thread I meant to give you a shout out because I noticed you frequent the board giving your advice and I thought that it was cool. I guess there was a reason why I forgot. I know your a North student and maybe you might not have had difficulties I don't know.

    What I do know is Allnurses is a site where we can voice are opinions rather you like it or not. Yes I'm sure that the members have all heard the horror stories that goes with the territory. So just because you maybe frequent flyer on this board is it possible you have an issue with me giving my opinion. I know this because I lurk and I don't comment because you always jump right in. I'm just saying you have the answer for everything. did you catch that!

    Ladies and gents I'm not going to apologize about what I just posted. I felt it would be informational to some and to others you may careless. Like I said Good luck, God bless and Pray.

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    Hi Nursing Students of Broward College,

    I just want to say congrats the road was not easy but, you made it. I just want to inform the south campus students of what your in for. I don't want to discourage you but give you all the heads up. Let's start with the Dean. Please don't let her attitude get to you. Please!!! On the first day while waiting to get into your class please don't be so noisy. If it is noisy I will encourage you stay outside until 5 minutes of class. She will tell you if class starts at 9am you should be there at 8:45. I would agree however to avoid being yelled at stay away until 8:55am. Other classes have already started and maybe taking the Dosage and Calculations test and you don't want to disturb them. She will scream your freaking head off. She yells all the time. The Dean will come into your Processing 1 class and walk around stare at you and it comes of as she intimidating you as well. Just look at her like your looking through a glass window better yet look the other way. Now she has her days were she will walk up to you and just start talking. Never says Good morning or Hi so don't waste your breath saying hi. You would think it's common courtesy and your mom may have taught you better, but this is that one time you should just keep walking.

    Please don't be late to class! At Central via my friends at Central they are a less stricter you may get an essay or lab hours to do. At south if your late for lecture just come in after the first break. However for lab you will be withdrawn! I had a couple of classmates that had to withdraw and start over because they were late. Only one time a few days after the term had started. There was an accident on the turnpike, and maybe 10 people were late. Professor LH gave them pink slips but the Dean was furious that he did that. She wanted him to send them to her office so she can withdraw them but since he wrote them all pink slips they were safe. Don't park in faculty parking with a blue uniform on. You will get in trouble for that as well so be on time!!! When your in the lab the Dean will come in and intimidate whoever whenever. (by the way she does read allnurses how do I know is because she told me herself) when she wanted me to know that she knows what other people say about her. This was during my interview. Anywho... She just walks in and scream to the top of her lungs. You will see people trying to suck up to her but trust me, she is night and day. She will flip on you in a minute. My advice to you is to stay away from her unless you have something you really need talk to her about. When it comes to the tests you only have 3 test. If you score really low on the first one you need to withdraw. You can try and do better on the second but the second test is hard. The reason why I said withdraw is because if you decide to go ahead and take the second test and let's say you no that you did a lousy job the withdraw date will have already have passed. So now you stuck trying to get a 50 which means getting all the test questions right on the third test. Is it doable? I'm optimistic so I would say yes has it been done nope! Therefore try your hardest to get a high score on the first test.

    Processing students get blamed for everything. So don't take it to heart when you come back from your first day at the hospital and your being screamed at because another professor said you were loud on the Memorial bus or in the patient hallway. My group was not loud and we were lied on many of times. Just keep moving don't listen to that load of crap.

    Oh... for your hospital experience your going to be told to get there early in the am. (Memorial Regional students) Clinicals start at 7 be at the employee off sight lot at 5:45am no later 6:15am because employees have first priority on the bus. So trust me you don't want to be late to clinical. Those who go to the Memorial South on Washington St. not Johnson and Central students you will be fine because Memorial South and Broward Health Andrews their parking lot is in walking distance. Don't forget your penlight, stethoscope or badge. The clinical professor will send you on your way.

    Homework for everyone North, South and Central. Do it even if you don't know what to do it!!! . Especially the first day. I can only speak for South and if you are a south campus student and you don't do your lab work, care plan etc. you are going to visit the Dean trust me you don't want to see her for that. She will withdraw you for anything. At central my friend and another classmate forgot there care plan and my friend was withdrawn by AS but AS didn't withdraw the other student both were in good standing but favoritism was given to one. So be careful. Pack your bag the night before and triple check it.

    Lastly don't be that student! If you think your going to come in and disrespect or over talk your nursing professor. You are sadly mistaken. If you think you are going to come into class because you have been in healthcare for X amount of years and you just know it all. You are mistaken. JCS and LH lecture will eat you up and spit you out. Don't even try it. It's always this one person that does and it takes the right professor to get them together. You better believe the will. I will say this JCS and LH were good Professors. I had LH.

    Learn from my mistakes. Unfortunately, my medical background really hurt me during my test. I would always over think the question that was being asked. Only answer what they ask. No more no less. I read every chapter that was assigned but I did more reading and I didn't study enough. Mistake 2. Mistake 3 I would second guess myself.

    LH gives a test review after this test is given and no you can't see the test after it's graded so you don't know which ones were right or wrong. You have to think of the question you may have gotten yes I said gotten wrong, but you don't know because you can't see your test. Now what I was told you can talk with nursing professors at Central about your test but not at South. Don't even try it. I don't care how demanding you can be, who your not afraid of you will be shut down. Pharmacology if you want a study key he gives you one but if you go on and type in Lav3nder her icon is a butterfly she has awesome Pharm notes. Trust me for WJ.

    As for my future I tried to retrack, but I just could not deal with BC anymore. I am enrolled in a new program and I happy about that. Total opposite of BC and I have ran into some former BC students their so I'm not alone. No matter what if nursing is for you. Fight hard for it. Don't let anyone discourage you. Yes it hard and you have to give up a lot but it is all worth it. I am proud of my January 2014 cohort that have gone on to continue this path, and for those who have to restart I'm happy for you too. Broward College and Keiser are the only 2 colleges that are ADN accredited in Broward County via Florida Board of Nursing. The program I am in is approved and I will be able to sit for my NCLEX and I have already chosen my school for my BSN that will accept my transfer credits. If you are looking to get into a new program always, always, always check with Florida Board of Nursing.

    Good Luck, God Bless, and Pray cause your going to need it.

    Educationally Yours Fearless_Leader.

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    Great Job!! Keep on moving!! Remember to take some time for yourself and relax!! I live in sunny South Florida where I can relax and enjoy the sun. I hope you can find somewhere to do the same.

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    Yes I would like to know for the future as well. I was given an HESI exam exit RN book to study from. I plan on using that as well as the NCLEX Saunders book plus additional supplements. Good Luck!

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    Quote from Thrsmor2ths
    Greetings, Fearless Leader! On behalf of some of the posters I would like to apologize to you. This thread has taken a new direction and is no longer about the topic at hand. As for the topic, I think I can see what you are getting at. Correct me if I am mistaken.
    As a former nursing student who has taken a new direction, I will offer you some advice because I don't want you and other students to make the same mistakes I did. If you know that your nursing program is effective in helping you prepare for the NCLEX, then play their game the best way you can; however, you should continue to use your common sense as you have. If your program is dismissing students for visiting a dying relative, who will never be replaced, then it is not worth it. Death and sickness do not wait. I can GUARANTEE that if your dean or one of your instructors suffered a loss they would be absent from at least one day of lecture or clinical. Life is unpredictable and you only live it once. There are also other "symptoms" of a bad nursing program. If the tests or test materials are thrown together and the textbooks are useless, then leave; students passing ATIs but failing classroom tests is a sign. If you and your fellow classmates receive "You should be thankful for your instructors" speeches, then leave. Most importantly, have a "Plan B" if you are targeted by an instructor; this helped my confidence and it ultimately saved me. You should always have skills in other areas when you pursue programs or careers that require time, money, and your dedication. ALWAYS have your hand in another pot . You should continue with your plans of becoming a nurse if it is what you want, but it doesn't hurt to "shop" for other nursing programs (or other careers) if you have doubts.
    Well, I wish you luck. I hope to have a positive influence with this post because I wouldn't know what to do if my advice ruined your life ! As for the period issues, I don't know what to say other than I have sympathy for those with menstrual complications or fibroids. Healthcare is expensive (especially for students) and there may be a couple (or many) "accidents" before health issues can be assessed. Do we look like millionaires or something?

    Thank You I appreciate that.

    Now that I care to give a little of my time to this thread I want to say WOW!!!!! This thread took a turn headed straight into fire. It was not my intent for that to happen number one. Number two while reading some of the comments I wonder how some of you treat your patients a total stranger the first time you meet them. Oh because it's your job to be nice and compared to some woman behind the computer with period issues, and hurt feelings so I can bash her and her issues. Trust me I was not offended at all because I learned to not get irate with someone behind a computer. What's good about AN is that if I feel that someone is attacking me. I just go and click on their threads and posts to see their attitudes when posting. That way I can get a little feel is the person is a . Laughing my butt off.

    "[FONT="Open Sans"]Let's say you are in the middle of a code-are you going to stop chest compressions because you got your PERIOD? Just saying"

    When I posted that comment it wasn't about me but a fellow classmate. However I had an issue where I had an accident as well. Wasn't planning on having that on my agenda that day. I used that issue to explain how we could not get bathroom breaks when needed. As a matter of fact we went as group when the professor let us. 40 Students at one time and you only had 5 mins. I'm done with this issue and moving on. I won't talk about it anymore.

    [FONT="Open Sans"]"Speaking as a current nursing student, we kind of contribute to making Instructors feel this anger and impatience towards us, why you ask"?

    Example, my class today:

    1. Class starts at 9.

    0900- 8/55 of us are there, seated and ready to go.

    0901-1015- 43 trickle in, coffee in hand, tape recorders placed, making noise, batteries going off, digging in their bags, one standing in front of the instructor (like directly in front of him) scanning the room for a seat)

    1030- let's ask questions about slides from the beginning, bc you weren't here in the beginning to ask them.

    Example 2

    Assignments are posted I saw them on the portal, but I didn't have time to write my paper, I was too stressed studying for this next test. So I didn't do it. I will turn it in eventually.

    Example 3

    I know our syllabus says white shoes, but I like these red nikes better and I know I was 45 minutes late to clinical today because of traffic, which I knew was going to happen (as we live in the city), and I could have left earlier but didn't. Because, you know, you guys can wait on me. Thanks!

    I wonder! Seems pretty simple to me!

    I agree totally. I don't have those kind of issues. I respect my professors. I am on time. I don't ask silly questions. I am prepared to learn. I am not that student who challenges my professor ( the know all because I have some medical background or I just want to make myself stand out). As a matter of fact because of my medical background in the lab my professor would have me to help students because he knew I knew what to do. Basic stuff patient transfer, make beds open closed, Manual B/P's etc.

    Again I do not think all Nursing Professors are rude or Nurses. That was not my intent of this thread to bash Instructors.

    I'm not going to address every remark on here and I'm glad the Moderator was out. (Not that I wanted you to be sick) but at least some of us was able to see other posters leopard spots.

    Happy Nursing