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    I passed the Nclex yesterday. 113 questions. Uworld is the truth. Thank God

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    Hi guys I test in 6 days. Boy am I nervous. I am a repeat test taker this is my 2nd time taking the test. I am using World mainly, but I do have the Remar Quick facts, Hey Rona Notes, and Hurst Review. I'm kind of scared to take the predictor test. My UWorld expires 3/11/ and I test 3/13. I am praying for a miracle because this has been a long... journey for me. Good Luck everyone and I hope to come back with good news. I am scoring in the 64% on Uworld. I here that is good. I hope Tuesday morning state board results will show that I PASS. In the name of Jesus.

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    I failed Nov. 16, 2016. I am almost died I studied and prayed so hard. I failed I think mostly from mental fatigue. I studied 8 hours a day for week even the day before. My results came back in all areas as Near Passing. I'm waiting for my ATT now. I really like Uworld and I plan on using them again. Also I'm only spending 4-5 hrs. a day to study not the 8 hrs. I did previously. Good luck and God Bless I really think UWorld is the best.

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    You PASSED... Congratulations. The PVT works for everybody.. my dear. Way to go....

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    Congratulations. I failed last month I'm praying that I pass next time.

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    Congratulations, I hope that this will be my story in 2 weeks.

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    Congratulations. I hope this is my story soon. I test next month.

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    So I came back to read the comments because I knew the negativity would be real. It's saddens me to see people attack others who choose institutions to best fit their needs that's how it was for me. When my local community college did me in. Anyway..... So yesterday was a trying day because it was the day my class names were to be sent to the state and they were for sure. I'm not going into details on how I know, and that's not possible because the school was closed. I was there and I got my transcripts so did my classmates. Thank God. To top it off I helped my classmates behind some of them get letters signed to test out for LPN again I'm not going into that, but it's a special form required by the state to be signed by the school. I did a lot of leading yesterday and hell of alot fighting. That's just me though.

    I am am thankful Application put into the state, fingerprints are getting done this morning, NCLEX will be paid soon and yes I still have my job waiting bloop bloop.

    As as for the poster I am so sorry this all happened. This school was 50 years old so it was a great school in some areas. Unfortunately cooperate got very greedy and instead of putting the monies into the school they let the little people take the big hit. Never give up on nursing. If you read my previous posts I fought tooth and nail to the very end literally. If I find out more info I would be willing to share. To anyone. I can't even be happy really because this is so emotionally. I made great relationships with people behind me and I feel so sad.

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    Yes I am pleased because I did the work. The same books and testing systems we used just like everyone else. I am pleased because my professors are some of the Best Nurses that have degrees from some of the best schools in my area, and they taught me very well. I am pleased because I went through the nursing struggle like everyone else, and the struggle is real. I am pleased because I graduated and will receive my degree, and I am very proud of it and I am not ashamed. I will pass the NCLEX because I was smart enough to pass my tests in class. I passed my Exit Hesi, first try 1193, and I am very confident.

    A bit premature you say! With the sweetest voice I have right now I'm not living in a fairy tale land nor did I just come from the planet Mars. My 2 PP post says a lot about how I feel. I just completed my program 2 days ago. So of course this is upsetting. At the same time the doors are not closed my grades are in the system, and I have the faith that everything will be complete for me and my graduating class. Most schools don't give you your degree until after your ceremony so yeah that takes a while. In addition I work for one of the best healthcare systems that's not premature its a fact. Yes I will become a RN and that's a fact.

    I have always heard bad things about ITT and other nursing schools so to each their own rather accredited or not. I made a choice and I am happy with that decision.

    You better believe I will be back. Jer. 29:11

    If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. Your entitled to your opinion and so am I. My faith is to strong to feel defeated.

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    I just finished class Thursday and I am nervous. I completed the ADN program and I am praying to God that they hurry up and send my name to the Florida board of nursing. I also inquired about my transcripts I need to load up on at least 4 of them. I completed my preq's from a community college and got into the program and it did not work out. So I ended up at ITT Breckinridge. I have come this far and all I want is my name to be sent off to the state. Grades close on the 5th of September, and my name will be sent to Florida Board of Nursing.

    I must say this and I'm only talking about my "program". I really was pleased with ITT-Breckinridge program at the Fort. Lauderdale campus. My Professors were excellent. I was able to get the skills and tools that I needed to make it this far and pass. The school is expensive but like I said I came in with preq's and I got a $25,000 scholarship. Therefore I won't be paying $50,000+ which I know is ridiculous for an ASN/ADN. I have about $13,000 in loans and I am cool with that. I wanted too attend another state university or college but once you Withdraw and or failed a science attempt it's really hard to get into one. That's how I ended up at ITT and pretty much a lot of students did to. I hate when I see people post "Poor unexpected Student" or believe me and my peers have no skills and didn't research. I did my research and to be honest at the time my school "Fort. Lauderdale" was in very good standing. Most of us are 2nd degree students or LPN's we are no less different than any other nursing student.

    ITT corporate office made a big mess of things and some of my classmates may end up without a degree. I pray to God that they will make it through and finish there or at another program. As for me I'm praying that God will allow this school to

    1. Send my name to the state so I can test for NCLEX. 2.Release my transcripts 3.Give me my degree.

    I have applied to UTA so I can be locked into a BSN program. I have a good chance of getting in because again I have credits from my community college, and they do allow you start if you haven't taken your NCLEX yet. You do however need to pass it at some point before you are able to continue on.

    This is just a big mess. I was so happy I finished and I can't even celebrate because of all this. I can't even sleep thinking about this. I just have to keep telling myself God didn't bring me this far to leave me. I pray for us all.

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    I came back to this thread to say. I finally graduated nursing school. Though I did not make it at BC. I made it, I am happy and that's all that matters. If anyone wants to take on nursing as a career. Fight for it don't give up no matter what. Now I'm off to study for my NCLEX and August 2017 I will start my BSN portion.

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    Update:When I spoke to a rep from Drexel, I did not realize that I never took into consideration that all but one of my credits that are my preq's came from my local community college. Which are transferable to most institutions that are accredited. Therefore I do I have a better chance of attending an accredited school. However if you completed your preq's through ITT then yes I will say they are not transferable with some colleges and universities. Good luck I hope the above post helps.

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    Here you go and this can help anyone here in this situation.

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    I am also graduating ITT-Breckenridge next month. I started looking at schools as well, and I was so interested in applying to UTA. However after reading your post I guess I won't be able to get in their as well. At one point I was in speaking with a recruiter and she never mentioned that they would not accept my school. I emailed her today to see I was still eligible to enroll. (an hour prior) to reading this post. I also had an interest in Drexel University. I spoke with a rep yesterday and was told they don't take Breckinridge students as well. I choose this school because it was the right fit for me after leaving my local community college. I'm not down and out about this, and I am sure there is a school out here that will accept my degree so I can move on. I did find a post once before with a list of schools that would accept student from non-accredited and or other accrediting agencies as well if I find it I will lost the link. Good Luck and God Bless.