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  • Aug 20 '17

    Update I am enrolled into UTA RN-BSN program, and I love it.

  • Apr 23 '17

    I am also graduating ITT-Breckenridge next month. I started looking at schools as well, and I was so interested in applying to UTA. However after reading your post I guess I won't be able to get in their as well. At one point I was in speaking with a recruiter and she never mentioned that they would not accept my school. I emailed her today to see I was still eligible to enroll. (an hour prior) to reading this post. I also had an interest in Drexel University. I spoke with a rep yesterday and was told they don't take Breckinridge students as well. I choose this school because it was the right fit for me after leaving my local community college. I'm not down and out about this, and I am sure there is a school out here that will accept my degree so I can move on. I did find a post once before with a list of schools that would accept student from non-accredited and or other accrediting agencies as well if I find it I will lost the link. Good Luck and God Bless.

  • Apr 23 '17

    Update:When I spoke to a rep from Drexel, I did not realize that I never took into consideration that all but one of my credits that are my preq's came from my local community college. Which are transferable to most institutions that are accredited. Therefore I do I have a better chance of attending an accredited school. However if you completed your preq's through ITT then yes I will say they are not transferable with some colleges and universities. Good luck I hope the above post helps.

  • Apr 1 '17

    This is good information. I was just hired in a LTC. They give 2 weeks orientation and that's it. I was wondering how I'm going to handle 20-30 patients as a new grad Nurse.

  • Mar 15 '17

    I passed the Nclex yesterday. 113 questions. Uworld is the truth. Thank God

  • Mar 14 '17

    I passed the Nclex yesterday. 113 questions. Uworld is the truth. Thank God