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  • Oct 9 '16

    Though I may not consider myself as highly experienced certified nursing assistant, but my three-years of working have taught me a lot about the other side of this occupation. In this short span of career, I have faced many problems. Maybe, there are some more to come for me to handle it. For now, just out of the sense of camaraderie, I though about sharing my experiences on problems I faced initially, and how I got over it.

    Any new job be it first or the last is always exciting, and it comes with a lot of skepticism. You are excited and raring to go as well as nervous thinking how the new staff would treat you, or whether you would beable to cope with the work environment or not. And when the job is ofan entry-level like the nursing aide, lots of emotions creep into the mind.

    As a certified nursing assistant, you will start facing problems that stem out of sheer competition among equal rank positions. Your colleague, though holding same designation and pay will try to treat you as a junior, even if he or she might have joined just a couple of months before you. To keep with the self-esteem of being senior, the fellow workers may start poking their nose in everything you do, or try to kill your confidence.

    There are several problems you will face at daily work environment. The most common ishorizontal violence or bullying. These terms are related to any displeasing behaviors mete out to one colleague by another. This could be insulting or criticizing you in presence of a patient. This unprofessional act is easily recognizable. Bullying can also be indirect in cases where you are not counted or included in any teamwork.

    What I did to handle these odd conducts against me was to increase the level of communication with the staff. I tried to build up relationships with other nurses. Whenever any nurse dropped in wearing a beautiful dress, I appreciate it. I used to set reminders on my cell phone about the important dates of people working with me such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other small events. When the day arrived, even though I had a share in the staff contribution, I still used to present them with a separate gift. Slowly, the people started recognizing me because nothing bridges the gap better than gifts.

    Second in the list of problems you will face will come through the higher level. Though you may never have direct contacts with the nurses grabbing a higher position on the hierarchy of the setting, sometimes they will try to find in you a scapegoat so that they can impose any of their failureon you without any second thought. The problem can cost your job. To prepare for such incidence, you must make a few good and trusted friends among your staff who can boldly testify for you.

    These are just few ofthe common problems CNA has to face on the job. The severity, frequency and reasons may vary though. To stand clean and tall, I will suggest you to create an identity of your own with your nature.Try to share problems of fellow workers they are going through in their personal lives. If you are able to offer even a single solution that can work for them, you will surely make a place in their heart.