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Kacie is from Fargo, ND working in a local clinic as a CNA. She have 3+ years of experience in health care and passionately write articles n blogs on her own profession.

How to Handle Night Shift Challenges as a CNA

Night shift is the most challenging time to work be it any profession. Since we are going against the routine procedure, our body is not made for, experiencing certain health problems is natural once you start working in the night shift. As we are working during the time when our body and mind need the rest, we are doing the opposite. Even nursing aides working in healthcare sectors are not untouched with the problem faced while working in odd shifts. They have to deal with several types of... Read More →

Problems a CNA May Face

Though I may not consider myself as highly experienced certified nursing assistant, but my three-years of working have taught me a lot about the other side of this occupation. In this short span of career, I have faced many problems. Maybe, there are some more to come for me to handle it. For now, just out of the sense of camaraderie, I though about sharing my experiences on problems I faced initially, and how I got over it. Any new job be it first or the last is always exciting, and it... Read More →