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  • Feb 5

    You can wreck a person's life by publishing crap like that news article. New high school grads looking for a good job, spend thousands of dollars and 4 years on a degree that won't get them a job. Or a job they hate that doesn't pay what they've been promised.

  • Jan 29

    0 immune system, high risk of bleeding, anemic. Leukocytosis cause cause problems of their own by overcrowding. There could be other factors such as leukemic infiltrates in her body.

    Regardless of how long the doctor says, keep enjoying everything day to day.

    I dont think its appropriate for us to tell you the harsh stories we see of the leuks.

    I will say usually they are the coolest people.

  • Jan 24

    Quote from nynursey_
    I see a *small* amount of credibility here. I'm not endorsing that your "beautiful/handsome" stance is appropriate, but your overall message is something I support.

    Wearing scrubs, while comfortable, is more out of practicality than anything. It would not be very practical to wear a skirt, heels, and stockings to perform patient care. There's a reason it went out of style. While scrubs are both comfortable an functional, professionals should take care to appear well-groomed, and please note this is different from "beautiful/handsome." Examples include hair combed, styled appropriately, body/clothing cleaned, scrubs well-fitting/free of stains, proper footwear, and all appropriate equipment.
    In this day of hospital-mandated scrubs, well-fitting may be an impossibility. Our hospital requires not only a certain color of scrubs (which may or may not be a flattering color on everyone) but they also mandate a small selection of styles, the manufacturer AND the website where the scrubs are purchased. Anyone with a less than perfect body has an impossible time finding scrubs that fit well without post-purchase alterations. Since the scrubs are so poorly made that they last about six months at most, alterations seem like quite an expense.

  • Jan 24

    Quote from RNdynamic
    I have no such grandiose illusions. I'm a regular staff nurse in a cardiothoracic ICU. I'm in my late 20s. I don't consider myself to be either extraordinary or terrible. I do my job as best as I can, which varies depending on my mood and energy level on any given day. I'm also a recovering addict and alcoholic in a monitoring program. Does this sound glamorous to you?
    You may be in a monitoring program but you are not on recovery if you are getting high off Whip-its even if it's at home - Sobriety is 24/7. Those of us who work it know. I am curious if you have shared the whole whip-its thing in the rooms or with your nurse support group? The first step to true recovery is being totally honest with ourselves.


  • Jan 16

    Quote from Farawyn
    Not to mention "well oiled hair" ...
    I can't resist --

  • Jan 16

    Quote from RNdynamic
    Cans? I've only used chargers. I don't know anybody who uses cans.

    How so? I'm in monitoring too. I have the same set of challenges ahead of me that they do. Recovery is not something you "move on" from. Recovery is lifelong. If you're an addict, you would know that. Dismissing those in recovery for using is a bit inelegant. I mean, do you talk that way to patients?

    Also, you've swayed off-topic from the "beauty" theme of the thread.

    I hate to tell you this, but if you are using mind altering substances then you are not in recovery, you are in active addiction. Doesn't matter if the high lasts 30 sec or 3 hours. Don't believe me? Then ask your case manager or therapist that leads your group.
    And just so this is on topic...yes, I think it's important to be clean & neat when you show up to work. But it's not a fashion show- 'flowing hair' & 'liberally applied makeup' have no place in nursing. And being more preoccupied with how people look than how well they perform doesn't speak well for you.

  • Dec 30 '15

    Well, depending on where you live/plan towork, there aren't a lot of open positions compared to the new grads looking for work. Also, once you are 18, you are legally allowed to make all of your own decisions. That means they can't "coerce" you to major in something in college. You need to be assertive and not let your parents make your decisions for you. If that means you're on your own financially for college, so be it. You will only hate your life after college if you allow yourself to be a puppet.

  • Dec 17 '15

    F*** that guy. If you were really the right person for him, that would be more important than him wanting to play the field before getting married. If that was what was important to him then why toy with you by being in a relationship and then magically decide he wanted to play the field? He sounds very immature because he starts to make commitments when he doesn't even know what he wants! That is very selfish.

    Saying you guys might get back together just sounds like an excuse so he'll have something to fall back on if playing the field doesn't go so well for him. Don't give him the chance! You're not someone's back-up plan. You deserve someone who puts you first.

  • Dec 6 '15

    Quote from ground
    I wonder if maybe some of these "bad guys" obtain their guns from people that so desperately need to be a hero during their morning commute, that they risk leaving the firearms unattended in their vehicle all day/night? Wait, "bad guys" don't break into or steal cars now do they?
    Wow! What an incredibly inaccurate and insulting way mischarecterise a lot of people.
    I carry a firearm in my truck. I was very happy that I did so during the LA riots. It's why I am still here today. The desire to not be a helpless victim is NOT a desperate need to be a hero.
    I also carry a fire extinguisher in my truck at all times. This has come on handy several time. I carry them both for the same reason. It's reasonable and prudent to be prepared for unexpected events

  • Dec 4 '15

    By the way, the AR15s used in the terrorist attack were already illegal in California.

    Can't make something already illegal even more illegal and expect them to go away. Well, I guess some would.

  • Dec 4 '15

    Quote from beckster_01
    I would settle for armed security guards. I am all for CC, but I recognize that it requires an enormous amount of responsibility. Perhaps if they developed a special certification for CC in the workplace? I would certainly feel safer if I knew that someone I trusted was carrying, but I don't trust that one gun safety course is enough to ensure the safe use of a weapon in an emergency situation.
    Many gun owners would agree with this, well maybe not a security guard with his GED making minimum wage, but hiring more police.

    There are actually a lot of hospitals who have police as their security. I do not mean they hire security guards who are doing it as a side gig while they are a police officer full-time, I mean they are police officers stationed at the hospital and that is what they do full time. Even have K-9 units. It's popular in Texas.

    I personally own and carry firearms because I really do hunt and carry for defensive reasons. Honestly though, I still believe that the only reason why we have a 1st is because of the 2nd. We are without a doubt a unique country in the world. We have had out issues while we have learned how to do this called freedom but without a doubt we have lead the way. Freedom is dangerous but I still believe in it.

  • Dec 4 '15

    Quote from catlady95
    I just don't understand how you guys can be on your what...335th? shooting this year, twice this week, and STILL think the answer is more guns! Do you not know what life is like in every first world country except the united states? It honestly frightens me.
    Crazy how those terrorists just went around throwing rolls and potatoes at all those people in gun-free Paris.

    Terrorists tend to do what terrorists do regardless if it is illegal.

  • Dec 4 '15

    First, where are you going to carry your gun, in a fanny pack?

    I have a handgun and rifle, I am
    very good with a rifle. But I can tell you, if someone was at work shooting with the kind of weapons these people had, there is no way someone could take them out with a handgun in that situation.

    Go to a shooting range and try to quickly get your weapon out and shoot the target in the head. Not so easy. Now if I had the luxury of having my rifle and lining you up in my site, maybe. But I am not military nor do I have that kind of training to accurately shoot someone in that situation.

    And you do realize your weapon can be used against you too.

  • Dec 4 '15

    Quote from akulahawkRN
    You may or may not lose your RN license... and you may or may not lose the CCW license if you're caught. It depends upon if you're carrying at a place that's not legal for you to do so. Please remember that many work places may actually allow (or can't disallow) the public from carrying but your EMPLOYER can require you not to.

    From a more "tactical" standpoint, yes, it is more difficult to hit small targets like heads. I was taught to shoot "center of mass" if I ever have to shoot someone. I was also taught 2 different "failure to stop" methods. Honestly, I sincerely hope I never have to do that. If I'm ever confronted with an active shooter situation, I'd much rather escape than engage. Engaging the shooter is always my last choice.

    One other thing to remember. If you ever discover that I'm carrying, you might be quite surprised that I am... for when I'm carrying, I'm the nicest, meekest, easy-going guy you could ever meet who seems quite


    Can't fffalert for someone so laid back. I'm also probably watching your hands and the hands of everyone around me. My gun isn't going to magically leap out of its holster and start blasting away... I probably also know where the exits are, where good cover and concealment are, and where my family is, just in case I have to get them out quickly too.
    You can protect me anytime.

    Someone who carries a weapon, but whose first impulse is MOT to start shooting the place up.

    I like it.

  • Dec 3 '15

    Send a letter certified, return receipt to whomever it is that you need to talk to. When you don't get a reply within a reasonable amount of time, make reservations & go on your vacation. If you get grief for it, you can present the little green card that showed the letter was signed for and that you made a good faith attempt to contact them.

    I always say EVERYTHING IN WRITING. Every phone call or conversation needed to be recorded. You need every ounce of evidence to help you when you're dealing with the nursing boards.