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  • Jan 27

    You see someone with long or artificial fingernails, and all you can think is "Ew, bacteria!!!"

  • Nov 8 '17

    You see someone with long or artificial fingernails, and all you can think is "Ew, bacteria!!!"

  • Aug 15 '17

    Quote from tyvin
    You will not get an RN license if your school wasn't accredited by whatever one your state BON requires. It's usally CCNE and or NLNAC. The CCNE is the better one IMO. So it doesn't matter if your employer requires whatever, the thing is you won't have an RN license to practice if you haven't fulfilled your state's BON requirement.
    This is not true. There are many schools that are approved by the state's BON that are not accredited by either the NLN or CCNE. I went to a community college that does not appear as accredited on either of those websites, yet was cleared to take my NCLEX and passed. See the other responses for more examples.

  • Jun 25 '17

    By the way, "inversely proportional" means that as one goes up, the other goes down. So the better the surgeon, the worse the people skills. If you were intending to say that the surgeons with poor surgical skills tend to have poor people skills, the phrase you needed would have been "directly proportional." Please think carefully before posting.

  • Jun 25 '17

    Quote from TakeTwoAspirin
    I never said that the OP should accept the behavior If you read my post again, I am saying that in my experience the worse surgeons are normally the meanest - most likely secondary to their overcompensation for what they perceive as their own inadequacies. I never once said it was OK for her to be treated this way. Please read posts more carefully before shooting off indignant responses.
    I believe you said "be kind to them. They are doing the best they can!" No, they are NOT doing the best they can. And "being kind" to them without suggesting OP take any other course of action - that is advocating acceptance of the behavior. Your only advice is to be kind when someone verbally abuses you? Might as well thank the surgeons too, for their "honesty."

  • Jun 25 '17

    Quote from TakeTwoAspirin
    In my years in the OR I have noticed a pattern with mean surgeons: the amount of talent they have as a surgeon is usually directly inversely proportional to their bad attitude. Be kind to them. They are doing the best they can!
    No. Just no. Just because they are good surgeons does NOT mean that the OP has to accept unacceptable behavior. That is clearly NOT the best they can do.

  • Feb 21 '17

    Quote from floatingribs
    That's a very big generalization to make especially since at lots of universities the nursing schools are far more competitive than the generic BS in biology. It is lame that many pre meds use this philosophy and automatically assume all nursing students are far dumber and wouldn't be able to maintain high gpas.

    Also pre meds aren't doing any dosage calculations that's why you don't hear of them... (all it is is just general courses in varying sciences, a pre med concentration isn't even a major and is literally useless if you don't get to med school)
    Well... The Commuter has a point because take a look around on here and how many "I failed the NCLEX five times!!" posts do you see? Not every one of those students are from a for profit school, either. I precept students from a major university with an esteemed nursing program often and just to be frank, a lot of these students are not the sharpest crayon in the box. It boggles my mind.