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    Thanks guys. I've had a chance to look a bit more and Johnson City seems ideal for us.....but $21/HR with 6+ years experience?!? Ouch!! Lol. Anyone have good suggestions on employers to seek out or avoid in that area?

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    Hi there.

    My husband is getting out of the Navy early next year and we are thinking about relocating to east TN. He'll be going to college and watching our son while I support us. I was wondering how the salaries vary in say, Knoxville and Chattanooga?

    By then I'll have 2 years nursing experience, not a ton, but I've done a year of ortho working for a surgeon (but not in the OR) and a year of endo doing pre-op, sedation, and PACU. (plus 2 years of experience in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and IT specialist)

    I make $28.17 an hr now, but we're close to Seattle so I doubt I'll make that much when we move to the southest, but I need to know how much less we're talking. I have a BSN if that matters. Also, any info on where the good public schools are located would be great. Our son is only 8 months, but he'll be in school before we know it.

    Any help would be appreciated.